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Met Hellen on Monday night at her place in Beeston.

Fired off a text asking if she was available, got a text back straight away. Quick and easy to arrange. Booked 15 mins for £30.

She gave me the postcode which took me to Beeston. Not the nicest looking of areas but I felt completely safe even with it being dark. The road her house is on was quiet with plenty of parking available. Had no issues leaving my car outside. Felt very discreet

Knocked on the door and she answered immediately. Hellen was dressed casually and she is definitely the girl in the pics. Found her attractive even with the fake lips which dont normally do it for me. Shes probably around a size 12, great tits and arse with a little bit of a belly bit again no problem for me at all. I like a curvy girl. She really didnt disappoint. She was friendly and smiled a lot. Got the impression that her English is limited but this didnt cause any issues.

She took me upstairs and we got the paperwork out of the way. Her house was very clean and tidy and felt very safe.
We both took our clothes off and she gestured me over to the bed. I laid down and she went straight to work on OWO. Man, she knows how to suck cock. Great technique and she went deep. She kept letting her boobs brush against my balls which was a great feeling. Had a good grope of the tits whilst she was sucking and this went on for a a while, she made the odd little moan now and again which wasnt over the top and only got me going even more. She really can suck cock!
Next on with the condom and straight into cowgirl. She rode me and what a sight to see them tits bouncing. Asked to do missionary, got on top and pumped away whilst she kissed my neck and chest. The i felt her hand move to my balls and she played with them whilst i pumped away at her nice wet pussy. I knew i wouldnt cum in this position so moved into doggy. Straight in that lovely pussy and went for it with everything i had. She took a good fucking whilst still playing with my balls. Had a firm grip around her hips as i pounded away. The sight of her arse slapping against me was enough for the inevitable to happen and i filled the bag with a huge load.
She helped me clean up and we had a little chat about the weather. I left 15 mins later a happy man.
This girl does everything right. Didnt ask for kissing but she did say that she does it in the text she sent me.
All in all shes nothing like a lot of the Romanians with their poor service and shit attitudes. Lovely friendly girl, safe discreet location, very attractive in my opinion and a fantastic service.
An absolute bargin at £30 for a quickie.

Give her a try guys. She didnt disappoint.


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Welcome out of the shadows MrC.  :hi: :hi:

For a Rom she seems to be a goodun.  :yahoo: :yahoo:

I've just seen this and remembered I saw Hellen a 2nd time (see my review of the 1st time) which was very poor.
Basically it was just before lockdown in March and she said she was going back to Germany (I think) shortly to visit family.

I'm not sure if there were some personal issues going on but she was extremely moody, unpleasant and had 0 interest in talking. No cheekiness or desire to please which was a completely different experience from my first visit a few months prior.

She knew I was returning punter but didnt seem to care. I guess as always YMMV however my first experience definitely matches this reviewers - dont think I'd return to be honest but glad SP enjoyed!

P.s - no my breath didnt stink, nor was there any BO coming off me.  There was no cheesy bellend neither was my attitude poor. She just was cold and uninterested from the beginning so think it was something else or just standard Rommy attitude creeping in!  :thumbsdown:
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Need to pin Helen down one day !!!!

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I've tried a number of times to book this lass. I can't get her to answer her damn phone!! I can't decide if she's a late sleeper or busy or what.

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I managed to get to see her a couple of weeks back - just for a quickie - will try to get a review done.
It was a tad difficult getting hold of her on the phone - I like to punt in the mornings however, it seems she doesn't get up until dinnertime.
Eventually I sent her a text the night before asking if she could see me at 1215 the next day. She said ok & to remind her the next day. Sent a text off at about 1030, got a reply about 1100 saying ok for 1215 & to let her know when I was 10 minutes away.
Took quite a few texts to finally meet her.


In my experience, getting hold of her appears to be pretty much luck of the draw - I've seen her 3 times, each time just for 15 mins and enjoyed but, you have to persevere and, I'm certain that those who try to book quickies are 'slotted in' (no pun intended) between longer bookings as I've always had to wait 15-20 mins past my booking time.

Never had a issue contacting her myself to be fair but its always been evening so maybe that's why.

I know shes on WhatsApp too as that's what I've contacted her on so might be worth trying that?

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I think she regularly takes a couple of weeks of . I imagine a girl needs it after repeat custom