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Post lockdown punt in early September.
Like so many I abstained throughout lockdown 1 and definitely had an itch to scratch. Candy looked to be just my type so when I saw she was touring in York I arranged a meet. All done via text and very easy - I managed to arrange the first punt of her stay which was a bonus.

Rented apartment not far from the train station, there was some work going on to the building next door and the entrance to the apartment was in full view of the guys working on site - was OK given I was first of the day but imagine by the time a few blokes had been in and out it would have been entertaining for the site workers!

Paid £150 for an hour, I don't usually do an hour as a one pop guy but given this was the first for a long time I went for it. Candy is an attractive, late 30's curvy girl - again just my type. She probably was a little too made up for my liking but nonetheless I was more than happy. She had a red corset type piece on,  just the right side of slightly trashy! She does like to talk, not in a bad way but just talks a lot.

On to the action, lots of DFK which is great, no holding back there. OW which was excellent, her boobs aren't enormous but a decent size and she was immaculately clean. Moved between her giving me oral and me on her - which she seemed to appreciate, but who knows?

On with the bag - CG to start, then on to doggy which does it for me every time. I was trying to hold back as knew once I had blown that would be it, but the inevitable happened.
Quick clean up - she was totally up for round 2 but not for me. We had a chat and I got dressed and made my way.
Overall, I should have just gone for 30 minutes, it wasn't her issue that I only lasted that long. So paid a lot for a 30 minute punt especially as £150 for an hour is not cheap.
Would I return - maybe, but only for 30 minutes.

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Now in Dewsbury of all places and @ £160...............

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Saw her for 30 minutes last year and she was good, sure I reviewed her.