Author Topic: Horny Milf - Sheffield Vivastreet  (Read 5477 times)

Offline mart802

So, its been asked on the general discussion page..

Saw this lady at the end of lockdown.
She doesnt appear too much on Vivastreet. But when she does her comms are good.
Messaged her via text, arranged a meet for 30min later.
Her house is not far from Hunters Bar roundabout
 Parking was ok. As it was a week day, i assume folk were at work etc.
You knock on the back door, its a shared access to the rear, so potentially you could meet with a neighbour.

She let me in, dressed in quite a sexy dressing gown, and some nice matching underwear.
Shes talkative, friendly, and really easy to get in with.
Offered a drink.. shes drinking proscecco from a china cup.. good lass!!
Upstairs and we are in the bedroom.. shes in her underwear
. And shes into the lfk, whilst shes relieveing me of my clothes.
Im not gonna talk you through what happens
. But in this time theres OW, a good bit of variety.. and a good time.

Her pictures are accurate.. shes a more mature lady.. and that shows. But shes ok..
She is good vfm for sure. And she loves cock.

Cant attach link at min as advert not showing.

Is there a pattern to her viva adds popping up or totally random?