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Ok guys so I have seen Natalia before in the same location nearly two years ago and for me it’s was not all that so I thought why not give it another go and see what it is like.

Same location, near Morley.

Booked 1hr all inclusive. Paperwork out of the way and then I think it was full on assault in a good way. I got kissed liked we were lost lovers and she started playing all over, I told her I can’t wait I want to fuck her mouth and my god she took it like a champ I am not that big but not too small either and she was gagging like she had never seen it before. Natalia goes upside down on the bed and she says fuck me harder in the mouth I say I think I will cum if you keep doing this, but though fuck it let’s go for it, started to fuck her mouth like I was fucking her pussy and I gave her my full load that I have been saving since lockdown, I was shattered. A bit of a chit chat, and a massage and then Natalia tried again and woken up the beast.

Round two was similar to round one but now I wanted to fuck the ass, fucked in doggie and then Natalia started to push back harder got off the bed and started to fuck against the wall at this time both of us are sweating and it was full on action non stop. I felt the urge coming and like a true champion she pushed my back in bed off came the condom and started sucking it and took the second load. 50 mins in and I thought I am done now and I was shattered, but Natalia wanted one more load, she tried for the next ten mins and I could not oblige, cleaned up and dressed up and on my way home.

What a punt and what a start.

Natalia has gone big from before but not off putting as service was absolute different to before. Full of energy and full of cum. Will I go back ........ hell yes !!!!

35 review(s) found for starnatalia linked to in above post (33 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

 oh yes, what a way to go before the next lock down

SN along with  her ex sparring partner AVNO1 have the amazing talent of making you feel like the only guy they have ever met,with the biggest cock etc-it really is how it should be done !!!!!!

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She’s one of my favs but getting too expensive now

You tend to get what you pay for in this world-literally !!!!
 Expensive is normally good

Offline Bustydusty

You tend to get what you pay for in this world-literally !!!!
 Expensive is normally good
I know she is good but I disagree with u there - I’ve found no correlation between price and quality of service
Many of the best punts I’ve had were at a £40 parlour
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in this game you dont get what you pay for that is a damn fact