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Author Topic: YourNorthernGirl - Cant tell if real or not!  (Read 1699 times)

Offline mr_un

Hello guys,

New to the forum and relatively new to punting.

I've recently come across this profile which looked quite enticing https://www.adultwork.com/2446668 or https://www.adultwork.com/YourNorthernGirl
but can't tell if its real or not.

Did a quick Google search on the pictures and got links to two London escort agencies, one of which I think is fake BelleLondonEscorts, the other one was Greater-London-Escorts which I cant seem to find any feedback on.

So has anyone actually seen this lass or are there any tell tail signs of a fake profile?

Offline vt

A geordie Brazilian...WTF!!  :wacko:

If she's listed on BelleLondonEscorts, it's very likely fake considering the various exposures of their B&S activities on here, their pimp has been banned from here for pretending to be a punter and touting his wares.


interesting that she got  her first feedback the day after she registered on awank, more interesting that the guy that left the feedback has 9 feedbacls, one from this girl and 8 from member not active

looks like her pimp left her first feedback to me, or hes so bad that all the girls he sees quit soon after

I'm sure the more experience forum members will shead some light on this

Something is odd - profile appeared then disappeared last week, and then a new profile.

And if you contact you are told to book via Belle Escorts.

At bella escorts her price increases by £250 an hour  :scare:

Offline Curious

Having had her on my HL since she joined and been about to contact her I'm now desperately trying to convince myself that she could be real when the evidence is clearly that it's a dodgy agency B&S.

Just for information has anyone actually got as far as talking to 'her' or making a booking?

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