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Author Topic: Busty Miracle - Stevenage  (Read 2198 times)

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Okay, first things first, not a girl that I would normally go to see (apparently not verified on AdultWork or a face picture) but she was only £80 for the hour and I wanted to 'see' somebody so I thought that I would take a gamble

https://www.adultwork.com/1780143 and https://www.adultwork.com/BUSTY+MIRACLE

Looking back, I really wish that I hadn't gone and instead held out for a girl that is more reliable or one that I'd seen before

Positive Points
   Oral is mixed, but on the whole positive (see below)
   Advertised anal was absolutely no problem. She genuinely seems to love it. Arse was tight and she made encouraging noises

Neutral Points
   The sex was average

Negative Points
   She isn't that hot, maybe a five out of ten. The lack of a face picture might be for a reason  :(
   Her body is good, well, slightly above average anyway. Although her tits are not great
   She doesn't talk much. Her English is okay, so I guess she just doesn't want to talk
   She smelt okay when we were making out but when we 69'd the smell was not good :(
She wasn't hot. I guess to some people perhaps she would be but to me, nope, sorry. When she opened the door I almost walked, but I was already there and the whole reason I had gone in the first place was because there was nobody else in the area who I wanted to see and I really wanted sex, so I stayed. Mistake.

Her conversation pre-sex was limited, we more or less got right into it from the moment we were both on the bed. After the sex I tried to make some conversation and she did answer but didn't really make an effort to keep it going. She mentioned that she hadn't finished her degree that she had started and all I could think at that point was she had turned to escorting as a last resort and regretted it which killed the mood for me instantly. (I don't know if that is true, but it's the idea that ran through my head)

She kisses, no problem, in fact that was one of the highlights because my eyes were closed and the kissing was actually good

Oral was weird. She doesn't do a conventional blowjob, or at least she didn't with me. Basically what it was was a mixture of handjob and then purely deepthroat, which was something that I've never had before. She took my entire length in one go, held it for a few seconds and then all the way out, followed by a bit of hand action and then the process repeated. She actually gagged a few times and held me in her throat for quite a while, which I have to admit was kind of hot. Just to see how long she would do it, I put my hand on the back of her head for a while and she made no attempt to come up until I took it away, so that was pretty decent!

The sex was really average. Usual positions and nothing really to comment on, just average

The best and really only genuinely positive part of the whole hour though ... the anal. I've seen girls before who say on their profiles they do it and then don't (we all have), but not this girl. I almost wonder if she prefers it to any other sexual activity because she seemed to perk up while we were doing it. Her arse was tight, we did it in a few positions (doggy, mish and cowgirl) and I finished in her arse while really pounding her HARD in doggy, so she isn't someone who does crap anal

To cap off a generally bad punt, when I left, room service was right outside the door. Although I can't really blame her for that, it was just bad timing and to be honest, summed the whole thing up  :dash:

So yeah, overall, negative although I was tempted to say neutral just for the anal and new oral experience but on the whole I would say, no, avoid

Looks - 4/10
Service - 7/10 (without the really good anal, probably a 4/10)
Attitude - 4/10
GFE - 5/10
Conversation - 4/10
Overall - 4.5/10
Value for money - not really

Unless you REALLY want anal (and she does do it really well), go somewhere else, don't waste your money

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline ddfun

 went to see here when she was in a hotel in Luton in early April........Booked over the phone and was given directions to the hotel....asked about the services and she said they were as per her enjoys list.

Arrived at the room after being given the room number in the car park.....she seemed very nervous when she realised that the maid was standing outside the room. Asked me to talk quietly to the point we were both whispering.....seemed very dodgy.....

Said I would like to shower first but wanted to clarify services again, when I asked about the service again and specifically about kissing and OWO........told Oral was with and kissing was light kissing only. It's not what the profile said and had been told the list was what was on offer.......

Everything about the punt felt wrong so far and so I walked.

Not great looking at all, agree with the assessment above about the looks.....services obviously not tested.

(Please ignore the same comment against Lacey..........that was posted against the wrong girl and I have asked the moderator to remove it)

Offline 8a8ylon

Fairly sure she might have been honry Mel how was her teeth? If it was the same girl her teeth werent great

Fairly sure she might have been honry Mel how was her teeth? If it was the same girl her teeth werent great

Without doubt!! The pic in the centre of the three on profile is the female who described herself as HORNY SEXY MELI (Touring Luton), SEXY VANEESA and MEELODI....regularly changing profile.  I saw her in Luton as MELI - she was not Russian, not the WG shown in the PG and not a great punt. She has a lazy left eye, not a particular good looker and quite heavily tattood [particularly over the shoulders] - So I doubt if she is Italian or a student and no way a size 8!  :thumbsdown:

2 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

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