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Author Topic: Good Suggestions in following areas?  (Read 731 times)

Student on here looking for something that's good on budget :).
I am looking at about 50-60 quid an hour.
Any of the following areas:
Richmond/Kingston/Chiswick/Hammersmith etc


Offline LL

You probably can't even get a bite to eat for £50 in Richmond  :lol:
Try Enfield or Harrow.

I'm not one to pay a lot for a punt (endlessly discussed in other threads here ... ) but I don't think this is realistic for one hour.  If you're prepared to pay this for 30 mins, though, then you'll have more luck.  I don't know what research you've done - have you done a search on adultwork?

You're a fricking STUDENT, MAN!!!!

It's on fucking TAP!!! Get down that SU, a pound a pint of Snakebite and Black and you can take 3 home at once for under a fiver!!!!!

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