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Author Topic: Bacau Romania  (Read 1473 times)

Offline mnbvcxz

Judging by the quality who come over here i probably won't even bother but if anyone has had a result here recently i would be interested

Offline vt

This English section of a Romanian Punting Forum might be a good place to ask...


Prices definitely sound very low in Romania in general, check out my post here with links to Indie ads...


The vast majority of the listings seem to be in Bucharest, but there are some in other cities around the country. I could only find one listing for Bacau, but maybe the prossies in Bacau advertise elsewhere. This one wants 250RON per hr or 150RON for a 1-cum service, about £46 & £28 respectively...


No idea as to her service and whether you can access these local prices as a foreigner, but judging by the looks of the girls and the prices Romania certainly looks like a fertile punting ground!!  :cool:

Offline Jerboa

A town like Bacau you wouldn't go to solely for punting, but regular tourism with some punting on the side.

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