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Author Topic: Serial Sessions hours apart  (Read 1249 times)

As a one time, cum once punter I am always surprised by how many people here report two or more pops in a 1 hour session. What about seeing more than one prossie in one day, with an hour or so in between? If you are usually a cum once type of guy, do you find that you can pull it off more than once in a day if the prossie is different every time? What were the most punts you have successfully completed in a day? In times gone by I have managed two, but the second time was touch and go (but not in a good/effortless way  :cool:). Just curious.  :hi:


There was a thread on this.

I am enjoying the double punt experience rather than going for my usual 2 hr punt of late

I particular enjoy a late friday night taste followed by a saturday morning breakfast treat.

Offline webpunter

In times gone by I have managed two, but the second time was touch and go (but not in a good/effortless way  :cool:)
More like a 'dribble' ? :)

More like a 'dribble' ? :)
Something like that...and to top it all I think that even if it was just a dribble I would have been wetter than she was at the end  :crazy:

Offline webpunter

Donkeys ago i just about managed a 'double-pop'
'Touch & go' would be an accurate description
I had to 'touch' it for a good 5 minutes wanking furiously
Finally got there & i let the girlie take over for the final few secs
Thunderbirds are 'go' doesn't spring to mind - the little amount of harry-munk i produced literally fell out of the end of little-WP
I was sweating & out of breath
The girlie looked at the droplet of harry-munk on her tits
And then said 'is that it ??'
Much laughter between both of us as i collapsed on the bed next to her
I only started at 4am & it was by now like 7am & the sun was coming up
I said i just wanted to sleep & she said ok - half hour no more
Both fell asleep for 1/2hr & then she kicked me out
Happy days..

I think it helps to have a sense of humour if you are a one popper like me, looking to experience a second cumming...more than likely if you do make it you will be pumping out nothing but air... For me its not a nice feeling mentally or physically to have a dry orgasm...although pro$$ies are good at having those, as they seem to need to apply copious amounts of gel afterwards before letting you in.
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Offline pierrot

I once was having a 2 hour outcall from the now retired jessica james, had an excellent time but about an hour after she had left the urge was upon me again, fortunately I was at the prestwich travel inn, so I fired up the road to sandys for a swift half hour jobby which cleared the pipes and left me feeling satisfied.

Offline the_exile

Have managed two in a day OK, 3 a couple of times (same girl, Soho). If you have the time, can work out very nicely, giving yourself the chance to "recharge"!

I used to have two a day quite regluarly until one day I saw Love and Aisha for two hours each less than an hour appart.

Puntings never quite been as good since.

Offline wristjob

Something I considered but not sure. Basically I have a punting budget which gets me 4-5 30 minute sessions a month.

30 minutes works fine for me as lon as I skip the massage and a 1h session isn't really worth paying double for and I would prefer more punts so doing an hour or 2 in a day really just means I don't do one next week.

I guess also I have a psychological problem with this too. if I have a really good punt I'll often go get another girl the next day and invariably they have disappointed.

Offline webpunter

This thread has reminded me of days before i knew about UKP & used to have mediocre to crap punts about 1/3 of the time
Was in Plymouth.  Didn't know my way round AW
Walked in - a faint stench of cat piss in the house.  Knew i should have walked out.  Raging boner told me otherwise.  Asked how long i wanted - 1/2hr or 1hr.  Probably i could have stayed the rest of the day if i had wanted to.  I must have been the only fucker stupid enough to go see her.  Looks about a 4/10.  Went for 1/2hr. I thought if i shut my eyes and thought about something else whilst she wanked me off then i might be OK.  Oh no.  Fucked off after 20 mins. Thought about saying something - but couldn't be bothered.  Just wanted to leave

Later on still had the horn.  Found massage parlour down by the docks.  Now called VIP reflections.  'VIP' - yeah right.  But various parlour girls.  Maybe not the best in the looks dept but a right laugh.  Mentioned my shit experience earlier in the evening.  She certainly made up for it.  A nice end to a crap day

Now - thanks to UKP - such shit punts are a thing of the past !

Offline Tjkooker

Done 3 seperate girls in one day. 4 facials and a couple of chin dribbles lol.

Also seen 2 polish girls same time. Started with a threesome 1 hr. Got one lass to leave for 1 hr then swapped for the other hour. I was done in at the end. Wanking furiously to get my last shot off before time up. Strangely my last cum was plentiful but watery and stung the poor lass in the eye. Oops.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline CBPaul

I did do 5 consecutive days a few years back. Different prossies each day, quite exciting getting ready for each days banging session but didn't have the free time or the money to continue doing that sort of thing.

Years ago I did one in the morning and one in the evening, the morning one was great but sadly the evening one was shite, left me feeling a bit disappointed.

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