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Author Topic: provider changes rate  (Read 525 times)

Offline gophil05

Looking for advice. What do you recommend if you have made booking then you find you can book same lady at lower rates?  Do you call and ask for new rate or suck it up and accept what you were told   Last thing I want to do is puss off lady before meet happens
Thanks for advice!

I would pay the lower rate , if she knows she has two adverts with different rates and knows you also know, she would expect to be paid the lower rate

Offline firemansam

This used to be very common before adult work when girls had adverts allover the place and didn't keep track and update them.

There is def a risk of pissing off if you call back and request the lower rate, but will show their attitude up before you meet and hand over your money. If they are happy to honor the lower price then you should be on to a winner!

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