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Author Topic: Feeedback On AdultWork  (Read 364 times)

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just read my emails and found one headed

"You have been left new feedback"

As I do not use the booking system, I was surprised, but also looked for an email indicating somebody had left a booking today that I would not have had a chance to respond to / delete, there was not one. I logged into AW and found indeed, somebody had left feedback for me but not bad feed back as I was expecting.

Whoever he is he is a man of mystery and a man of few words, his feed back is just a simple one word response "good".

I have no idea who he is or when he made the booking, which would have been deleted, as I do not accept bookings via Aw

Whilst looking at the system to try and find out more how it operates I found this

"If a service provider has confirmed that you participated in an escort booking, you may optionally share your opinions and comments regarding the service provider, venue and services provided."

So in answer to a previous thread regards placing an FR it would seem that you have to accept the booking has gone ahead before the punter can give an FR

It also states

"Each field report you author will be accessible by anyone via the service provider's profile page."

It does not say anything about you being able to not show them, but that does not mean you cannot. Not having had an FR I do not know this answer

I also do not know who the client is, most punters do not have any info on their profile so you can not see any details about them, not even basic details like where they say they are from or when they joined.

What I can say is I do not re call the last time I deleted a booking, so it has taken the guy a little while to leave the feed back

Offline ladyofthemansion

I had a guy leave feedback saying I did not reply. The booking was made yonks ago. I could not remember what had happened.

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