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Author Topic: Ever Fucked whilst dressed in a costume  (Read 504 times)

Offline tazz

I know lots of guys like women to dress up for them, i sure do, but have any of you guys ever dressed in a fancy dress costume for sex. Closest ive come to is a hat and sunglasses which lots of women love.

Offline vorian

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Offline Tjkooker

Yeah I put a mr blobby outfit on for one lass. Fucking belly got in the way when I was trying to do her doggy. 
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I got a hand job in a Julie's Pantry outfit when I was 17. We got caught and sacked lol.

The outfit consisted of a lime green dunglery (can't spell) with a big J in the top part and a paper boat shaped hat. It was a chain of restaurants which I think went bust. Maybe people may had thought I was putting in my creamy sauce into the buyers. ;)

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