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Author Topic: Escorts North East - no schedules for this week?  (Read 581 times)

Just had a look on ENE site - no one available for today and no calendar for this week.  Anyone heard if anything is going on?

Offline Third Man

was wondering myself as i planned to try them for first time 2 day. Called them on fri to book amanda for the sat then got text on sat saying she called in sick but her name remained up all day.  Nothing else much anywhere 2 day either

Offline mad4it

I was wondering the same - they don't usually close on bank holidays but maybe today is the exception and the rest of this weeks availability will appear tonight/tomorrow morning. Here's hoping anyway!

Offline mcb

I hope they do put up a schedule this week. Was planning on seeing Emily this week after reading her reviews on her excellent-sounding oral!

Offline Lambada

They might just be shut with it being Bank Holiday. I'm sure we'll know soon enough if it's anything else.

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