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Author Topic: Alex, First Class Suite  (Read 1091 times)

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Was seized with the urge for a quick punt and didn't have time to arrange an indy, so decided to visit a parlour for the first time in years. All the cheap ones (Kittys, Devotions etc.) were closed, so plumped for First Class Suite in Smelly Oak

The location is set up like  a bar, you walk in, get offered a drink and there is music playing with the girls waiting there. Seemed to be all EE. Some of them ignore you, some of them come and say hello, you take your pick and head upstairs.  Overall, the parlour is set up nicely, with good facilities and clean rooms. I guess that's the difference between the £30 parlours and £60 ones.

I picked Alex, who said she was 19 - based on her looks, I'd say this was accurate. Typical parlour price, £60 for 30 mins come one.  She was pretty with a very nice slim figure, with small pert breasts, despite the fact she said she'd had 3 kids    :scare:  Not sure if that was a language thing, but you'd never have guessed it looking at her. A few minor stretch marks on her midriff, but that's it.   I got over excited and agreed to pay £10 for kissing, which I immediately regretted because she had dodgy teeth, so I was happy to stick to peck on the lips-based kissing.  I'm not convinced she'd have gone for DFK anyway. A bit of a waste of a tenner, but what the heck.

She did offer OWO as an extra, I declined... she was happy about that, as she says she doesn't like doing OWO.  She asked me to help her undress, then lay next to me for some mutual caressing... quite happy for attention to her boobs etc.  After a while, I indicated I was ready for Oral, and she proceeded to give me a very good, deep covered BJ.

We then moved on to mish, and she asked me to go slowly as she was very tight... I have to admit, I wasn't expecting that to be the case given the 3 kids comment, but my word, she was tighter than a clam with lockjaw. I had no choice to but to slow down otherwise I'd have shot my bolt in about 5 seconds flat.   I slowed down and still only managed about 5-6 minutes (normally I'm pretty slow to come).  She was very, very nice to fuck, and gently responsive.

After that we exchanged pleasantries, I got dressed and headed out.  Not a bad punt for a parlour visit, although I still vastly prefer an hour with an indy, for pure bang for buck terms.

-Friendly, playful girl
-Unbelievably tight
-Attractive with nice, firm body
-Believably 19

-The £10 extra for kissing was a waste
-Dodgy teeth
-Came very quickly because of aforementioned tightness.  Would have loved to have spend longer tapping that, but just couldn't hold out.  Almost tempted to have a wank a few hours beforehand and visit again.

Parlours still aren't really my 'thing', but given it was a 100% blind punt, not a bad outcome.


Should add, they had massive black guy there as security in the bar bit, but he was friendly enough. He chatted a bit and sat there playing with his phone.  He reminded me of Huell from breaking bad. :D

I'm not intimidated by large bouncer types (in my experience it's the small, wiry ones who you need to be scared of), but thought I'd share in case you found that off putting. I got the vibe of 'hired security' rather than 'pimp' from him.

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