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Author Topic: small tits or skinny  (Read 1039 times)

Offline pjolloper

Perhaps unusually I like small boobs (aa or a cup) or skinny girls for owo.
All suggestions are very welcome in midlands.
P.s I also like the innocent type but I guess I'm just getting greedy now  :D

Offline GrumpyoldGit

I could recommend a couple for you, but it depends in what area you are.

Offline pjolloper

I live in derbyshire but will travel east/west mids and sth yorks, Manchester even for the right girl.

Offline GrumpyoldGit

If you're willing to travel to Stoke, I can recommend:
 https://www.adultwork.com/2208214 or https://www.adultwork.com/tight+sweet+pussy%21 although she is now offering BB
https://www.adultwork.com/709689 or https://www.adultwork.com/Seductionist , though she could be a large B cup.
https://www.adultwork.com/1408585 or https://www.adultwork.com/stokeylouise . Louise has been mentioned on here before, but if you catch her on a "good" day she can offer a good service.
It all depends on what you are after.

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