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Author Topic: 1st visit to Blair St & Vivienne, better than Adultwork  (Read 6625 times)

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Offline Ali

I visited Blair Street Sauna this evening, five girls working, all were taken, I had to wait 45 minutes before anyone was free, I saw all five girls in the corridor and waiting room when they were serving others.  I went down with Vivienne for a 1 hour session and she was worth the wait.  Very friendly girl from Russia/Latvia, I had a great time. 

BSS is probably the most expensive sauna in Edinburgh but it's very clean and they have quite a few girls to choose from.  Comparing my BSS experience with AW I must say I am beginning to wonder if AW is worth the hassle!  BSS was hassle free and slightly cheaper than AW girls who charge £120 per hour on average.  BSS is £100 for one hour, Vivienne said it would be £10 extra for a second cum.

I am getting sick of AW, far too many fakes and abusers there with girls who don't provide the service they advertise on their profile.  I think I'll stay off AW for a while and give Saunas a try, I will go back to BSS and will visit Vivienne again, she was nicer than any girl I have met from AW and I have met over 20 girls on AW.  The guy at reception was very helpful also and showed me around while I was waiting for girls to become available.

I recommend both BSS and Vivienne.
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Offline sammy222

A man after my own heart, plenty to choose from on the sauna scene. And potentially better than Vivienne  at BSS, depending on taste. But Olivia, Paula, Nicky and Roberta get pretty good recommendations, and LSS still a decent option. Always worth booking in advance.

Offline Ali

well said Sammy, this was my first visit so I wanted to see the girls before committing to anything with a booking, but the 45 minute wait made me realise how busy this sauna was, so next time I will book.  I phoned and asked for Nicky since I have read her reviews here but they said Nicky only works some mornings, I am always at work in the mornings so I am not sure how I can visit Nicky!

Olivia was there and I quite liked her also but she was with someone else.  I can't help feeling relieved not have gone through all the hassle I normally have visiting girls from AW, this was so straight forward and stress-free.  Half the time I am dissatisfied with girls I meet on AW, so far so good with the sauna.

Not sure whether to try any other saunas or just stick with BSS?  Any thoughts?
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You had beginners luck with vivianne, not many girls as nice as her, in or out of a sauna, but the rest are fine as well, hanging about the lounge is part of the fun, was better in the old days, with the variety of outfits on show, The new town sauna, in HART st, is also fun. My view is the flats are a waste of time and money, suitable for those timourous beasties who are terrified of being seen coming out of saunas.

Offline SamScott

Just don't go into ambassadors worse experience of my life..... Never been in any other Saunasa as that put me off them for good

Offline bepi

Just don't go into ambassadors worse experience of my life..... Never been in any other Saunasa as that put me off them for good
Don't be put off them!! I had a bad expierence at ambassador too, go to Blair st and  choose any of Hiedi, Olivia, Diana, Paula or Betty you'll see the difference

Offline DL288

No-one really mentions Daisy these days. Any particular reason for that? Are the others better?

Offline bbb

If you want to avoid the wait in future, you can phone up and book a girl in advance. (All Edinburgh saunas do this). That way you won't have to wait around and can do a little 'window shopping' on the side.

Glad you enjoyed it. I've been banging on about this for ages (as it were).

Not all sauna girls are great and not all AW girls are awful but you stand a much better chance of getting a good, reliable punt in a sauna.

The only worry, really, is the long term viability of the Edinburgh saunas; though, so far so good.

Offline Tjkooker

Just can't bring myself to the sauna scene. As seedy as paying for sex is doing it in a sauna just too seedy for me. Personal opinion. Not judging others at all.
Banning reason: Outing and trolling a punter because he posted a negative about his favourite prossie. White-knight fluffy that pretends otherwise.

Offline Mindful

No-one really mentions Daisy these days. Any particular reason for that? Are the others better?

She's been there so long now that she's now a milf. "Mother I'd Like (to) Fuck"

Offline Ali

All very useful feedback guys, keep them coming. I will stick with saunas for a few months and see how it goes.  I have met nice girls on AW but have also had too many bad experiences (e.g. girls using stolen photos or being cold and unfriendly, so much for GFE!), so I am going to take a break from AW for a while. This proved to be a good start for me.

I would like to try Nicky and Olivia also, but Nicky doesn't seem to be there evenings and I work day-time.

No one mentions the likes of Dundas Street Sauna, Paradise or Carols (Easter Road), anyone been to those recently?

Offline bbb

Carols is OK, budget sauna, bit out of the way but ticket-free parking usually can be found (unless there's a footie match on ). Maybe not the eye-candy of LSS, but friendly enough girls there. Louise,Rachael or BBW girls Denise/Colette are there.

Offline Bubbling

You boys are lucky in edinburgh that you have the sauna option. Have visted LSS and Blair St, always been good fun. But its a 3hr round trek from Glasgow. Been to Sandy's Superstars in Manchester, the best in the UK, every city should have one,lol

Offline Ali

Hi Bubbling

I think you have nicer girls and more choice on AW in Glasgow, I think Edinburgh is quite poor when it comes to AW, I have certainly gone off it, far too many girls have let me down, it's proving more hassle than it's worth, so I am switching to Saunas.

At least in Saunas you can complain at reception if the girl does not provide a good service, the girls are employees, but with AW you are shafted they are self-employed and might have a muscular pimp sitting in the flat. I feel safer in saunas than flats run by AW girls.

In the saunas the girls are competing against each other, to be picked by the randoms, and more importantly to acquire and retain regulars, once you start visiting saunas and listening to sauna gossip, you know who to pick, and who to avoid, some girls are always available in the lounge, others are always busy, there is a reason for that. When phoning, ask who is on, and then ask who is free, it give you a clue.

Offline sammy222

Sandy's two Manchester parlours are so far above anything else in the UK it's incredible, thanks for prompting me to find an excuse for a business trip to that part of the world!
The website is an adventure itself, hours of research available to find the perfect girl, and there are plenty.
Having Carol's and Sandy's Superstars in the same thread is like comparing Buckfast with Bollinger.
Mind you at least Edinburgh still has the sauna option, for now.....

Offline Bubbling

Fully agree with you man. Also the prices charged at Sandy's makes it the Uk No.1 Value for money spot. :wacko:

Offline Macianalt

Must put in a word for New Gentle Touch.  Pixie & Joy are v pleasant & good, if you like older than 20, which I do.

Offline Bobbob84

Must put in a word for New Gentle Touch.  Pixie & Joy are v pleasant & good, if you like older than 20, which I do.

The girls are pleasant but man, are you blind?? Older than 20, try older than 40.
As for the establishment, it's a disgusting little place.

Offline div1234

hey 1st post just wondered about the sauna scene do you need to pay in like ambassador ? also what are the fees once u pick a woman u want ?

Offline Mindful

hey 1st post just wondered about the sauna scene do you need to pay in like ambassador ? also what are the fees once u pick a woman u want ?


Of all my recent ventures to Edinburgh via NTS and BSS I totaly agree that Vivienne is indeed one of the best experiences of recent months. Intelligent, a charming young woman. Great GFE. She's going to be a world class pole dancer I bet! And OK everything else is strictly safe, all covered, but I'm OK with that, better that than taking risks.

I had the day in Edinburgh yesterday and popped along to BSS, hadnt done any research so went with the flow.
Three girls in the lounge with 4 more busy. The middle lady was Vivenne and she looked great. A lovely sparkle in her eye, cute smile and talkative. I kind of guessed she was part Latvian, cant put my finger on it but her facial features gave me that impression.
Anyway.... the was no choice to make and off we went to the room for an hour.
Vivenne has a superb figure and is really cute and I thoughely enjoyed the hour which, similar to the OP has reignited my interest after repeated AW failures.
BSS (and LSS) offer a service that is what you see is what you get. You pay for an hour, you get an hour. There are a variety of girls to suit most tastes and I am now considering limiting my punting to trips to the beautiful city of Edinburgh. (And I live over 300 miles away!)

Offline ComeAgain

Interesting posts chaps.
I did the sauna scene for about 15 years, but havent been in one now for about 5.
Have been on the AW road for that time, and I cant really remember why I stopped doing the saunas.
I think I got sick of the dodgy girls in the saunas, and there was at the time a huge turn over of staff. Like an earlier OP stated, I too am wondering if its time to dabble in the sauna scene again. The days of long standing indies like Beckt Carlyle appear to have gone, though I see regular names ( in BSS in particular) kinda hanging around for some time now.

Me finks a change of habits are nigh...

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