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Author Topic: Slut of the day  (Read 1778 times)

Offline berksboy

Nice to see she had a bit of a clear up before she took her pics. :rolleyes:

Offline Jimmyredcab

20, English slim and blonde bareback slut

https://www.adultwork.com/2445289 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2D%2D%2Dslut%2D%2D%2D

Bareback ?????????????????????????????????????

She has obviously ticked ALL the likes ------------- including Pregnant and Sybian & Machine Sex.    :rolleyes:

I agree she looks a trollop.    :hi:

Offline iPad3

She may not offer bareback if she's ticked everything. Otherwise she looks a bit of a loon but may be a decent punt, anyone happy to TOFT?


Looks like ex-boyfriend 'revenge' to me.

Offline Jimmyredcab

Maybe Dani can answer this.

When you set up a profile do you have to tick your likes or do you have to "untick" the things you don't do.

I have seen a few profiles where everything is ticked.   :unknown:

Offline vt

Looks like ex-boyfriend 'revenge' to me.

Yep, gotta be a prank profile...use of the word 'slut' and no-one in their right mind would post that Karate Kid 'Crane' pose of themselves!  :lol:

...but I'd love to be proved wrong!  ;)

Offline NIK

Looks like ex-boyfriend 'revenge' to me.

Of course it is. Not even a reasonable approximation of a serious profile. Hardsports receiving indeed! The only shit around is this kind of profile.
Apart from the fact there's no phone number and every box has been ticked - always good indicators that it isn't serious, the other big give away is the lack of 'sexual / nude photos. She's posing as though she's exercising.
Many of the 'boyfriend's revenge' profiles fail to have proper sexual / prossy type photos as presumably she doesn't have any.

It's all very well AWank saying  'The authenticity or legitimacy of this member's profile has been brought into question. Please exercise caution.' And that they will remove the profile if verification documentation isn't provided within 48 hours.
Why do they put such obvious bollocks up in the first place?  :angry:
Until they stop doing this I shall continue to boycott them.

Online Outcallguy

What's odd about this sort of profile is there doesn't seem to be anything to gain for the guy who spends his time making it?

Offline vt

What's odd about this sort of profile is there doesn't seem to be anything to gain for the guy who spends his time making it?

Maybe he can send a link to her mates/family to embarrass her...but he'll end up looking like the stupid one once it transpires that he set it up!  :rolleyes:

If he posted her personal mobile, she would get lots of calls/texts asking about services...I guess that would be pretty annoying!

...or maybe it's just the personal satisfaction of publicly branding her a slut after she presumably cheated on him.  :unknown:
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Online Outcallguy

Yeah I guess so.

shame there are so many guys who are just twats out there. It's not like he's going to be some sort of saint himself!
Esp since his actions prove he knows about AW...

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