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Author Topic: _Armella_ (A beautiful body amazing GFE)  (Read 11536 times)

10 review(s) for _Armella_ (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I booked _Armella_20yo today at 9 pm and I am so happy I did.....

https://www.adultwork.com/2411769 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FArmella%5F

Appointment: was arranged at 4 PM for her to visit me at 9PM and she did confirm within 15 mins of my text....I made the AW booking after that. She confirmed the appointment with me after at around 7:39 PM and I was still OK. She arrived 15 mins late but good thing she took tube hence I was happy no pimp is involved.

Communications: 10/10...She replies to texts and queries within 30 mins max and is good to talk to..somehow I thought she carries a hint of American accent but Hollywood and TV can spoil anyone..

Looks: She looks the cutest thing you have ever seen....blonde hairs, amazing body  (nice boobs I have seen for a long time) she is size 4 at waist a little big due to boobs and arse so perfect (but she does have protruding front teeth and they come into play in kissing and OWO...but I like it)

Service: She came in 15 mins late apologised for the delay...I made her comfortable she used the toilet and I asked her for the water....as I finished wine waiting for her... :P..then we started kissing on my Sofa...proper DFK..lot of tongue action and I slowly started to undress her starting with her stockings and then her black dress..after that I lifted her to the bedroom a lot of DFK body play and lick and kiss and finger at this point of time she asked me if I want to use my condom I said no and she went to my living room and got one.....kissed again fingered her a lot then she did proper deep OWO but teeth came into play...I loved the OWO..she started as a cowgirl and then I finished a mish...I was empty had no stamina for round 2 after 45 mins.

She asked to use shower and then we got kissing again chatted 15 mins with her about her and mine likes and preferences and her experience in last 2 weeks and a half...

I went to drop her to the nearby tube at vauxhall....

Overall a lovely punt...I will see her again for her lovely nature and willingness and her body..

Happy punting everyone... :)

10 review(s) found for _Armella_ linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

Thanks for the report V - nice one.  I just adore petite, tight, toned, good looking girls that DFK so she's now on my HL for when I next stay in London - hopefully next month!  :thumbsup:

Remember her face pic was posted on here and looked awesome. Great that the service is good as well. NICE!

Offline Tim20

Great review thanks looks another one to add on to my list of things to DO this year !
Banning reason: Fluffy white knight admitting to planning to leave positive review for sole reason to cancel recent negative

Offline 3styler

Saw this girl recently and for me the punt was shit. Looks wise she is ok, petite and quite cute. However she does have protruding front teeth as the op mentioned which isn't in my opinion very nice during oral and kissing. I arranged for 3 hours outcall and she arrived early which was alright but nothing happened for a good hour. Boy this girl can talk for England. She goes on and on with her annoying squeaky messed up American accent. When we finally got down to action age seemed distant and unresponsive. An hour and half into the account during mid blow job she stops and asks me how long I booked for as she thought it was 2 hours. Now this is annoying because I paid her for 3 hours up front. What pissed me off even more was that she had the cheek to say oh I thought the money was a bit much and she wanted to see our correspondence via text and adultwork email which I showed her. I asked her what the problem was and she was like she had another client to see but she would cancel it. So back to toothy bj to get me hard again, then I fucked her doggy pounding her hard to get rid of my frustration. Then her phone keeps ringing and she stops again to answer. At this point I thought fuck it I ain't in the mood any more and just want to get rid of this girl quick. So I tried my best to cum which took longer than usual as my mind was pissed. She is a clock watcher and kept asking what the time was.
I know she says she's new to the game and all but boy does she need to fix her attitude. I know for sure I won't be seeing her again.

I don't know maybe it is me...but I do know how to put people at ease and for me I plan my punt nice and smart I undressed her in my living room and the act in the bedroom hence no bag means no mobile and I do not have a clock in the bedroom...so it is all good.

Anyways I am sorry you did not had a good time with her..

Offline 3styler

Cheers viktor, each to their own. The funny thing is she said I'm the youngest client she saw and for her it's a change.

She left my flat a short while ago and, though you could well argue that this is post-orgasmic fluffiness, I had a great punt.

I won't write a full review as my experience is similar to Victor's, bit one thing I need to stress is the body that this girl has got. Fucking insane. Skin like satin, pneumatic boobs around a skinny waist and not an ounce of wastage on her. Perfectly proportioned twat, which tasted like a Granny Cox apple. Could not stop nuzzling at her norks though - she has a physique that could have been designed by pubescent video game coders. She said she's 20 and I see no reason to doubt her. Beautiful blonde flaxen hair, too.

Yes, there are negatives - her GFE needs a bit of fine-tuning (too many Pinter pauses in the conversation - someone above said it was "light-touch" and I think that's about right). Also, she's not hugely enthusiastic during sex - I prefer more vocalisations (even if they are fake) and looks wise she's OK - the front teeth do protrude, and this does make her look a little 'goofy'. But I promise you these are minor inconveniences when you remember the Lara Croft figure and good VFM (£120 an hour).

A couple of people have mentioned the toothy BJ - this wasn't my experience - in fact I thought owo was the strongest part of her game, along with her DFK. I think if she just ups her work rate a little during sex (and doesn't announce when there are 5 mins left, which was irksome, particularly as I was on the vinegar strokes) then she would be exceptional. She kept giggling when we made eye contact when she was on top which I loved - v cute and innocent rather than slutty.

Victor - your approach was right and I bore this in mind - she does need to be seduced a little - new to the industry and she doesn't click into whore mode very easily. But I see this as a positive - means that she's less 'seasoned'.

No CIM (she made that perfectly clear) early on so I suspect not open to negotiation. Needs to take that off her profile, now I look.

I will be seeing her again, no doubt, and suggest you don't hesitate. She also is an enormous fan of Yes, Jethro Tull, and Gabriel era Genesis (she's not).

Kind of agree with Viktor and BOTN. She's a stunning looking girl and her tits are in the top five of all time. Faultless.

But.... she's not massively into this, and lets you do what you want to do, but without any sense of engagement. This all could be me, of course, but I don't think so.

There was a time when knobbing some pretty little 20 yr old would've done me just fine, irrespective of whether she was into it or not. Might've had the odd 'what's it all about' pang as I pulled my pants back on while she's wiping the spunk off her face, but that feeling didn't stick around long, and I'd be back at it soon enough.

But now...I dunno, I look for a bit more. Bit more engagement, even if fake.

But back to Armella, if you like 'em young, cute, blonde, fit and with fabulous, fabulous tits, and don't have any additional expectations (and to a very great extent, why should you?) then she's your girl.

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.There was a time when knobbing some pretty little 20 yr old would've done me just fine, irrespective of whether she was into it or not. Might've had the odd 'what's it all about' pang as I pulled my pants back on while she's wiping the spunk off her face, but that feeling didn't stick around long, and I'd be back at it soon enough.

But now...I dunno, I look for a bit more. Bit more engagement, even if fake.   

For me, the most memorable punts are the ones where the girl is genuinely into it. I've had hundreds of so-so punts where I got my dfk, owo, sex and anything else I wanted, but I honestly cant recall a lot of them simply because they were missing that 'engagement' you mention. If the girl is enjoying it - and I mean properly enjoying it and not just moaning and groaning theatrically - it feels like a much more natural encounter.

Generally, the best girls I've seen have been those that are very new and only doing it for a short time. Angie Seductive is a prime example. She was such a rookie she would throw the money on the table and jump you immediately. Or LittleLilly who used to work in Marble Arch and Southampton, she used to cry and shake all over when she came. Those are the type of punts I'll never forget.

Sorry for veering off-topic slightly.

not veering off topic at all - completely take your point.

horses for courses etc. - Armella isn't yet experienced enough to realise that much of the pleasure the punter gets is in the belief (however misguided) that the WG is deriving pleasure from what he is doing. her service is still a bit by the numbers and perfunctory.

But by the same token there was something quite appealing about this niavety and her nervous little giggles. Makes me want to continue a relationship with her in the hope that an attachment does present itself.

Also, did I mention her bristols? Award winning. :dancegirl:

Also, did I mention her bristols? Award winning. :dancegirl:

You're not wrong. If they gave a cup...

would anyone be so kind as to share her face pic in pm if they have it? thanks in advance!

Offline citynight

I was lucky enough to see Armella this week - she's an amazing girl!

Not only an incredibly sweet girl but absolutely gorgeous and the best body I think I've ever seen. A stunning kisser, which is essential for me (I've had a string of under-enthused girls from AW - my fav kisser remains Anna at Romilly St in Soho) & a proper GFE. Definitely only 20 yrs old - she looks like she'd get asked ID in bars!

Agree that she needs a bit of BFE back in order to have a good time. She's young and new & not really the sort of girl you would expect to pop up in this industry. That's not going to work for everyone but for me it was a refreshing break. She does like to talk but it's not so much time wasting, I felt it was her way of dealing with nerves.

Again, similar experience to Viktor. I'd sent her a few thoughts by email ahead of meeting & she paid attention to everything. I spent two hours with her as this forum had tipped me off about how to 'pull' her & realised extra time would help her relax! Thank you gents.

If you like cute & quirky & intelligent & a stunning figure, she's perfect. I can't wait to see her again!

Offline apeter

Does anyone have any pics of her breasts? Thanks in advance.

Offline citynight

At a risk of repeating myself - but just saw Armella again and am really rather taken with her!

She's just the sweetest girl and great fun, if you treat her right. I've given up the grim of Soho - great times for many years - and for now will just be seeing Armella! You will not find a cuter looking girl. I've not met a girl like that in a long time.

Offline ciscoxxx69

Quite interested in her.....
She looks to have a fit body.....any pics of her face?
Bit confused about her offering CIM and Swallow at discretion on her profile (big plus point for me) ....but appears to make it plain there is no CIM. Hardly discretionary... :unknown:
What about A-levels?

Looks like she could be fun though... :drinks:

Yep, she made it clear there was no CIM, and, unless you're prepared to cum into a teaspoon and feed it to her, I guess that means no swallow as well.  :D
Would be surprised if she takes it up the chutney - she's quite new to the business and shy.
But would still recommend her unless the above are dealbreakers.

Nope, I can confirm she won't do CIM for me it does not matter until the OWO is decent and deep which she does...

Says 'available today' but also away til 24th June? Guess she's on hols? On the HL anyway  :thumbsup:

Says 'available today' but also away til 24th June?

I was just about to email her regarding that. She seems worth seeing. Shame I'll have to wait for a month.

Offline BigBoi

Could anyone find it in their heart to share via pm a breast shotfrom her gallery? Been looking for an alternative to oanasweet's world-beating boobs and she sounds like a candidate.

Armella's boobs are much, much better. ;)

any chance of face or boob pics by pm?

Could anyone find it in their heart to share via pm a breast shotfrom her gallery? Been looking for an alternative to oanasweet's world-beating boobs and she sounds like a candidate.

I have not seen oana-sweet, but if this is the competition:
Well, there is no competition.

This girl's boobs are the best  :thumbsup: I've had a shitty time with her, but I guess that was just personal because everyone else seems to love her.
Sry, I have no pics, but I'd probably pay the £100 just to play with those things

8 review(s) found for oana-sweet linked to in above post (4 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

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