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Author Topic: oasis in Lincoln  (Read 2368 times)

Offline Jackjones

Any one been here at all or seen any of the girls working there?


Offline a10

I used to be ('04-'08) a fairly regular punter at their Boston place. It was a unit in a mini industrial area. Pretty discrete and easy to get to. One big room with double bed, mirrored ceiling and corner unit couch. Some good English girls, EEs and the usual minging WGs you get in their types of places. Pre-internet so it was a case of phone up, listen to the discription and take a punt (literally!).

The Lincoln place moved around and was a bit more shady, few police issues over the years. Same girls though.

Offline j122

Reverse image search on a couple link to victoria house where they have some auto-censored reviews.

Marie shows up at directors lounge but pictures of American Porn Star Catalina Cruz.....

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