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Author Topic: Hungarians  (Read 786 times)

Offline CoolTiger

Feedback is hidden for the first one, so a no go for most punters here.

Offline pleasure

Both of them with zero feedback, profile alert and suspiciously cheap, so hidden feedback or no, it's not really looking good.

Offline Owwhatanight

There always changing there names

Offline Alt-R

I saw sexypandora last year. As you've guessed, it was a pretty bad punt. Wouldn't let me touch her, never mind kiss. After 40 mins (booked an hour), she'd had enough and wouldn't even wank me off to climax.  :angry: Her photos are genuine and she is extremely fit but won't be seeing her again.

I am actually very tempted to see Cynthia also (am I an idiot?!?!)  :wacko: haha She is exactly my type and she does look quite sweet in her pics!

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