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Author Topic: rae gea/gce  (Read 1036 times)

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Straight to the point this time. Did her weeks ago.

Met The Rideable Rae for an hr. Cash Well spent
from her Photos she looked a stunner also had a good review so booked. Cim put me off but was assured on here that id be fine.

Rae looked slightly older in the flesh (only sightly) than her profile age, personally looked better in her pictures, perhaps it is because she wears in my personal opinion lot of make up and fake tan which she does not need to.
(with blurred face pics you cant see it but each to their own)
 BUT still a stunning lass without a doubt!!

Down to business.
Was well presented clean. Smelled nice so big thumbs up for me. Good quality  perfume is a turn on for me.
Made an good effort with her underwear. 
Nice kisser not as sensual as I had would prefer but good never the less
Sexy body small lass everything in proportion was hard before she was anywhere near me
big bouncy tits, VERY nice nips to play with  :thumbsup:
tight wet pussy it was purrring...
Owo.. really good ive had better but still very good effort.
Usual positions.
I noticed my time was almost up before she did,  I had somewhere I needed to be after.
I banged away instead of shooting over titties or arse
I blew my load in the jacket.
Cool girl  :coolgirl: 
talkative fun playful good banter lass but I had to leave or I would have talked more to her longer.

Looks 7/8 would have been a 9 if less make up
Cleanliness 10 *hygiene*
Effort 9
Ability 8

Good punt well worth a go if you can get her.

Offline Mindful

Good review.
Been thinking about Rae a few times but she seems difficult to get hold off.
How would you rate her on the our new "Judith Ralston" scale Poshness.
10 being as posh as "Judith Ralston"

Ive met a few now so I Won't rate posh tottie I've not reviewed yet.
so here's my Posh tottie with class scale
Do do dooo do do doo doo do doooo......

Rae posh 6/7 more wag and fake orange tan. would score higher if less make up and orange. Glasgow accent but softly spoken not scheemie. Classy underwear good ride friendly happy lass.

Sammi  posh 8.5 for a fifer. Softly spoken, dresses to impress always seen sammi wearing a dress. Classy underwear. 

Is this doll still in Glasgow??
Profile looks disabled.

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