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Author Topic: Leonie Chadd Derby  (Read 972 times)

Offline kingkong69

Hi guys Just wondering anyone remember a slim girl  Leonie worked in Chaddeden many many years ago?

Offline Desimonic

Going back a bit that. Yeh saw her a few time  in Chad. Waterford road flats if i remember correctly.
She work on and off for a few weeks at a time and can be hard to pin down.
Disappears from AW just like that.

 Was a milf near by on meadow lane around that time who introduce me to anal.
Can't remember her name , just remember she had a static caravan in skeggy or summat. She disappear just like that too.

Ahh the memories  :D

Sure this was before i even found UKP
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Offline kingkong69

So glad somebody remember her I think she had the  one of the tightest pussy I ever had..

Offline badsin

I went once, and walked. Can't understand the fuss to be honest, below average I thought.
Another site, similar to this, had quite a few reviews of her. There may me numbers on there, but after this length of time I'd assume there all defunct by now :hi:

Offline kingkong69

Yes what's was the site?I think I used it before ukp..