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Author Topic: Never had a F U C K on adultwork.  (Read 6038 times)

Offline Garden69

I had W A N K once. So I did  :D
Also had K N O B

It can make you smile...

Unless you take it up the arse, then it can make you wince  :lol:

Offline LL

Resurrected an old thread which is still relevant.
For those who don't remember it's about finding comedy terms in the captcha letters when logging in to AdultWork. Well today I had "P U S Y"  :thumbsup:

I recently had HOMO.

Of course I then offered the laptop outside for a row.

Which it refused to do and just sat there like a fucking homo

Offline CoolTiger

Recently, I had U K P ??, can't recall the 4th letter!!

Offline E.L. Wisty

Banning reason: Previously banned (Sonny Crockett)

Offline Kriss

Recently, I had U K P ??, can't recall the 4th letter!!

It wasn't UKIP was it?  :scare:

I think they are messing with us - just had a CUCK  :wackogirl:

I had an MMDP the other day. :scare:


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