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Author Topic: Any top outcall girls out there?  (Read 646 times)

Offline Jamiee92

Tried keeva

Northern Kara, and Angel both do in calls only

Even Sophie of Newcastle does only in calls

What options do I have left?

Savannah? Maybe...anyone else have suggestions

Offline denyason

give valentines a try- they only do outcalls.        http://www.valentine-girls.net

Offline Jamiee92

Valentines girls aren't reviewed here though like to get all my next punts from reviewed girls here

Offline Jamiee92

Wondering whether to stick with what I know with keeva for a 2 hour punt...or a 1 hour outcall for kara and one of her buddies...duos have never ever interested me but it seems to be the only way to get kara to do an outcall  :(

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