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Author Topic: Benefit mums....  (Read 2975 times)

Offline Rain_man

And the winner is...................... :blush:

Jeremy Kyle production team doing show on young hot mums, who like to flaunt themselves.
Sucessful applicants to receive increased benefits.  :dance:


Offline Steve2

Has anyone heard about this "benefit mum" phenomenon?

Older guys befriending young, single, benefit mums and providing them with a few extra benefits...

Anybody any experience of this?

Heres a good example. Single mum , young son, low income


I would if I could remember, it was many years ago.
Something along the lines of this should do the trick ----

"Local businessman seeks lady to escort him to restaurants etc"

You can give more details when they ring you, most will read between the lines.

if they can read   maybe written in text speak .... :lol:

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