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Author Topic: Suzzane Dundee  (Read 951 times)

Offline Hibernian

Anyone seen this girl - on AW
That is the spelling!
Sure I've seen her pics/profile before
Maybe just cautious as Romanian

Offline Banquo

No, I haven't seen her. I thought I'd give it a couple of days before replying in the hope that someone might reply who actually had seen her. Perhaps you already know that she advertises on Escort Scotland? A site even worse than AW for spurious feedback and fake pictures - but quite possibly you already know that.

I've seen her profile quite a lot over the last year or two - she's one of those Romanians that tours to all the significant Scottish locations, usually with at least one friend in tow. I get the feeling that if I were to book her, I'd be directed to an address I've been to before (if that makes sense).

However, despite the poor reliability of Escort Scotland, she seems to have built up some reasonable feedback there (written as if English was a first language - always a good sign). If you punt, let us know how you get on, I'd be intererested to know.

Yeah works Aberdeen and Dundee. Pictures photo shopped but she is nice looking. Often does duo with another girl. She is nothing special, there are better girls out there she doesnt try very hard IMO.

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