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Author Topic: anybody seen these ladies  (Read 1517 times)

Offline DaveMugabe

First one has stretch marks.

Second one looka allright

Have seen Kira and she's good for her age. Really up for it and a surprisingly tight pussy. Will be more than the stated 50yr old.

Offline onlyandy

I saw Kira last year for a 30min app and no she doesn't look alright IMHO.
Deffo better from the back than the front! I shoulda walked or (left my wallet in the car ) but thought it would be rude hahaha

What do you expect a 50+yr old to look like?

Offline DaveMugabe

What do you expect a 50+yr old to look like?
You said she looks good for her age!! wtf

I meant she was good at what she does. Never mentioned her looks

Offline DaveMugabe

so you did, and here I was thinking sex gets better with age.

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