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Author Topic: Deep throat  (Read 1273 times)

Offline Ekesta

ok so i was having a discussing with a friend the other day and thought id ask you guys to get involved too.

alot of escorts independent/agency offer deep throat ot say there great at deep troating!

however i dont find deep throating great or satisfying, i find the sensitivity near the tip not at the end of the shaft so dont think women should do it

what is your opinion?

Offline mcb

I’m of the same opinion. It might be good from a, “This girl when all the way to my balls!” point of view, but it’s the end of the shaft that’s the most sensitive. Think it’s just more for bragging than pleasure, perpetuated by porn.

Offline Ekesta

yeah thats what i was thinking, i was with a lass just before xmas who kept deepthroating me and always looked at me at the same time to, with a look of 'hey, look at what i can do'..

i had to stop her and explain that deepthroating me didnt do anything for me and she went in a huff lol

ive only brought this up now cos ive notices a few escorts on AW have mentioned they can deepthroat and are very good at it

Offline socks

I love beng DT'd. It's the sensation of deep thrusting ie my foreskin getting pulled right back, the feel of soft lips around the base of my cock and the porntastic look it has! :wacko:

Offline shagbambi

And when you start face fucking her and you are controlling the depth and speed by holding her hair in your fist

Offline sesalovdarlo

I find deep throating quite painfull to be honest. There Is a girl from billingham (can't remember her profile name) but she is the only proper deepthroat iv had! Iv been in relationships with a few girls who brag about doin it, but no!!!   :thumbsdown:

Offline Barry Shipton

Personally I prefer it if they just tickle my balls at the same time instead.

Offline grey402

I love deepthroat  :lol: too many girls advertise it and cant do it tho

I love it! It's up there with DFK for me, if a girl can do it properly then I usually fill my appointment just with OWO :drinks:

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