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Author Topic: gorgeous Izabella  (Read 2073 times)

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I met Izabella for a half hour this evening.

She is very sexy and appealing. Im not sure of the exact combo but something of the following _ cech, polish, spanish for sure, more of the latter id say. Anyway, very sexy, good DFK, ok oral (not so deep) and great sex. She loooked amazing, but more important has that sexy attitude, i was hard before the shower if you know what i mean  :diablo:

she is here till wednesday, but then moving to bristol (get in) so more time to enjoy.


Thanks, it works. Very tempted....

Offline Ombadsman

I saw her a few years ago and she was fantastic. Tempted to see her before she goes but I am little short on time.

Offline Roth

On holiday till June.

Long holiday, lucky girl.  Worth a trip back to Bristol in June then as she looks hot and hopefully a nice all over tan by then!

Offline SirFrank

Is she gorgeous or just reasonably attractive
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Very hot. Home is spain i think..... For the moment.

Tony Montana

Is she gorgeous or just reasonably attractive

Verification pic looks good.

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