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Author Topic: Romanian invasion?  (Read 536 times)

Offline Qwerty

I have an AW search set up so I can see if anyone new and interesting turns up in the area - there have been more and more new profiles of what looks like Romanian girls, with profiles consisting of just a few words, usually in terrible English and badly spelt, sometimes with more plausible bits that look like they've been cut-and-pasted from others' descriptions. Often also the names are common EE names slightly mis-spelled, e.g. Hellenaa

Seems like it's turning into a flood - today there are 16 new ones in the Bristol/Bath area, including Ssoniaa, Soniiaaa and Sonniia

Sometimes they have fake photos and can be reported to AW, but it's a hassle.

What is whoever puts these up trying to achieve? They don't usually have PGs or phone nos, and i can't see that the profiles are likely to get emails.

One for example from "Laurettte" just says "five stars escort. I am a machine sex", with a brief price list.
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