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Author Topic: Horny Zara- Adultwork  (Read 2458 times)

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Well lads i thought id give Zara another crack last night as i couldn't get in touch with any of the girls that some of you told me to give a bash. Anyways... Great comms... Straight down to the quayside. Parked up. Went to her door... knock knock and promptly answered. This beautiful black woman standing there all dressed up with a body to die for. Invited me inn... (OBVIOUSLY) asked if id like a shower etc. Got the paperwork out the way.... Then Boom straight to the bedroom. Zara started off with a lapdance telling me to sit on the bed with my legs on the floor. She slowly got undressed and was letting me touch her body and spank her arse.
She then started to wank me off and the reached for a rubber put it on and gave me some pretty amazing OW. Dno what it is about black girls but they defo no how to handle and suck a cock. I'm pretty large down stairs and she was literally going down right to my balls! She then made the move and went on top and the squatted right on my big lad talking utter filth! i was in heaven at this point.
Everytime i spanked her she was going harder and harder faster and faster! Moved on to my fav position doggy and i fucking went at that arse she was making the right noises getting me ready for pop number one.... Then i went for it... pulled out and cum allover that fine fucking arse! She got cleaned up and we chatted for abit she's a really nice woman... but i wasnt there just for a chat.

Moved onto round 2... Started off the same as round one... Wank and great OW nice and sloppy. Then moved onto doggy. Spanking away at that arse giving it to her nice and hard! Then we moved onto reverse cowgirl... i thought i was in a porn movie the speed she was going. I actually coulddn't believe it she was tearing that dick apart! Then boom cum inside the condom.
some intense fucking in that 2nd round!

Great hour meet, great fuck, fantastic body. Great perky fake tits. And the best arse I've ever fucked in my life. Now thats a woman who likes to do her squats!

2 review(s) found for Hot_ CoCo linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline jarrovian

Nice review, no mention of anal on her likes list. Does she charge extra for this

Offline Toshiba

OW is a deal breaker, good review but not for me

Offline johno36

Seen her a few times. She used to be the best OWO CIM around, right messy. Suddenly stopped offering it citing advice from the clinic. That was my last visit

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