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Author Topic: BustyBlondeHoney  (Read 2369 times)

7 review(s) for BRITISHBUSTYHONEY (3 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline tig75


1hr = £150

Well how to start this.....

I think i need to say she isnt my type having met her appear wise, very enhanced not only in boobies but also face. And she hasnt taken the greatest care of her body. She does indeed look a bit like a marilyn monroe fuck doll, so if that's your cuppa she will def work for you. Apart from that she is intelligent, a huge nympho and a geniune non faking porn star.

The service was awesome arrived offered water or juice. When she return she turned from a great hostess to the nympho. Though i did notice a like fk though i do have a bit of a mental goatee so can forgive this and her lips kind of put me off. Then she dropped to her knees and enjoyed a very wet bj, then on to bed to continue was a very good bj though not very deep. The went down on her, but she was the type to clamp her legs on ur head to reduce activity which i hate. Fucking was missionary, decided to pop load so had time for recharge for second round.

Then had a good chat, very interersting and very willing to talk about other WG/pornstars, including the best and worst one of whom i've seen and whole agree been a pot head.

Then it was time for round two, we were a little short of time so was a bj to wake up the wee man, then a really good titty fuck... And i blew in mouth. It must have been good as i'm usually a once only in an hour appointment. Then a very unrush chat and bye, no elements of clock watching.

In conclusion.... a great nympho, very skilled and intelligent. Not my type but if u like the idea of a fuck doll you can do alot worse, with maybe not the greatest body beyond the bobbies. She def provides a pornstar experience, and for a £150 an hour a bit of a bargain for a pornstar.

PS coms were interesting reply very quickly to AW emails, and agree meeting about a week in advance and she was nearly fully booked by then. Finding out where she was the day before was left to me text and waiting in the evening, her voicemail was full so a waste of time.

7 review(s) found for BRITISHBUSTYHONEY linked to in above post (3 positive, 3 neutral, 1 negative)

I saw her today.

She may not be physically to everyone's taste, but what girl is? She is certainly my type; petit with glorious boobs, blonde hair and feminine curves. The meeting was one of those that comes along every so often and exceeds expectation.

Her flat in Cheltenham was very nice, easy to find and parking close is a doddle. I was directed in with minimal fuss. The meeting was immeasurably enjoyable; all services offered with a smile and sultry vigour - no sign of the mechanical approach so many adopt. She oozes sex appeal and settled my initial nerves within mere moments.

At £80 for 30 minutes, I'd say she is arguably the best I've seen for performance, looks and value.

Very highly recommended, by me anyway.

 :lol: :lol: :D :lol: :D

Thank you Jonathan!!!! You are a true gent!!


As someone who has regularly visited Honey over the last few years I do agree that she is one of the very best escorts around. Her physical description on her advertising is honest - she is not an 18 year old size 8 natural 34B - but never claimed to be. In my view she takes immaculate care of herself. It's a shame that she is not Tig75's type, although he obviously enjoyed the experience, but she is everything she claims to be and more.  I for one will continue to visit her and enjoy the sex and the intelligent conversation (and the gossip). The Pornstar Experience includes all the things that go to make a pornstar - including the physical enhancements. :cool:

Offline SirFrank

I'm a tit man but they are seriously OTT titties. I imagine she can't fly with them fuckers for fear they'll pop the same time as her ears
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Offline tig75

Well we had a chat about volume of her implants, apparently she wants to go bigger!!!!!  :scare:

Offline Bootleg

Wow! - looks like I will be having some fun next time she is in my neck of the woods  :D

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