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Author Topic: Worried about my first punt  (Read 1435 times)

Offline Steve232

Wish I'd found this site before my first punt on Friday just gone.
Sorry for the long and detailed post but I want to share my experience for other first timers and also to get some advice from more experienced members to either confirm or allay my fears.

My first punt was with this girl https://www.adultwork.com/2086699

I called at 11am, it rang once then hung up, then I got a text asking me to text her.
So I text asking if she was free at 6pm and got a reply with a postcode in Totterdown and asking to give one hour notice.
Later on I texted to give one hour notice and she replied to confirm and asked me to text her when I had got to a gym in Totterdown.
When I got to the gym I texted her again and she replied with directions to her exact location.
When I got there she greeted me at the door and led me straight to a bedroom.
I noticed she had different colour hair although it was dyed red and she looked similar to the girl in AW profile so thought nothing of it (at this point I'm getting excited and so my intuition is a bit off).
She was slim and pretty even though she had no make up on. She offered me a drink and I said no I'll just take a shower.

When I got out of the shower and opened the door she was there lying naked on the bed waiting for me. I tried to make some light conversation but she could barely understand what I was saying and would give me a blank look then just say "yes" and giggle. Conversation was awkward to say the least.

So we got down to it straight away, no chit chat, nothing.
I lay on top kissing her and at first she wouldn't open her mouth but eventually did and we got into some DFK. She kept giggling and it was making me feel a bit nervous and whenever I asked what's so funny she would just say "nothing".
I went down on her for a bit and in broken English she asked me not to put my hand inside. Naturally I obliged, licked her out for a bit then stopped after 5 mins after it became apparent she wasn't getting turned on (didn't even bother faking).
So then I asked her to give me a BJ, she obliged on the condition that I didn't cum. It wasn't very good. Seemed inexperienced to me either that or she wasn't putting any effort in.
Then I laid down, she was on top, more DFK, more giggling which was starting to piss me off a bit. She's starts rubbing her pussy up and down my cock. And then bang...I'm inside her with no condom on. I pause and look at her and say "no condom?".
"It's ok" she replies "just don't cum because I don't want to get pregnant".
I'm lost in the moment so we continue. In hindsight I should have stopped a put a condom on. We go on for a bit then switch to mish, I'm about to cum so I stop, put a condom on, we got at it for a bit longer then finish. The sex was quite nice actually, she moved pretty well and she was nice and tight.

There was some more awkward light conversation but she's definitely not as fluent in English as the AW profile suggests. I have shower again, she shows me to the door and we DFK at the front door before I leave.

I sit in my car for 10 mins reflecting on the whole experience, it wasn't really what I expected. I expected it to be a little less awkward and me not having to ask her to do stuff but expect her to know or I ask me. I check out the AW profile and realise its definitely not the same girl because the girl I saw had smaller boobs and was a little slimmer. The face was very similar though. Then it dawns on me...oh fuck, I've had unprotected sex with a sex worker from Poland.

My guess is, I actually went to a brothel and now I'm so worried I've caught something. I'm gonna get checked out even though she was really clean and healthy looking, not skanky at all.

So there it is my first punt. Not what I expected, I got sold on the AW profile but hey at least I'm a bit wiser now. One thing I will say is I will not be seeing any more foreigners because it's just awkward. At least with an English girl you can clearly and easily converse with. Now I've got a health worry to contend with.

Any more experienced punters had a similar experience to me?
Hope this helps another first timer.

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Depends on the girl. There will be many like her, but there will be awesome ones as well that get into the session almost as much as you do. But these cases are quite rare. If you are not happy with what you experienced, just be very careful with picking girl with the right attitude...considering you are in Bristol that might mean punting once in a blue moon but still that would be better than punting all the time and not enjoying it.

Offline JV547845

With the bait and switch - who should you leave the feedback for?  Interesting read though - there're a couple of other Polish girls in Bristol who've got good reviews, also near a Gym in totterdown.  I've had a lot better time myself but have only had the pleasure of English ladies so far.  It's reassuring for me to know I can talk through anything (without speaking slowly and clearly and only using simple words).  I tell myself I can gauge how discreet they'll be much better if they live here too and I have a chat with them, but I'd been taking getting over bedroom awkwardness for granted personally.

Finally if you're still worried and definitely if you show symptoms get some free anonymous peace of mind on the NHS: http://www.uhbristol.nhs.uk/patients-and-visitors/your-hospitals/other-services-in-bristol/bristol-sexual-health-services/

Offline Joe88

I was a bit 'in the moment' on my first punts.  But at the end of the day you need to be in more control. If I know I will meet them again I will just request oral first for the first meeting to suss them out even more. Always have a good check of their AW profile and check reviews on here.

I had one bad punt with a Romanian but they are rare I have found, you're right it is best to stick with English. I'm glad I had that experience in the end, because after the 1 bad experience I learnt you can not trust these girls but still have fun, don't put yourself at risk for them. Get yourself checked out and you'll be fine.

Offline James999

Can someone summarise what he said (if it's interesting) I can't be arsed to read through all that waffle  :music:

He banged some Polish Bird bareback

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My guess is, I actually went to a brothel and now I'm so worried I've caught something. I'm gonna get checked out even though she was really clean and healthy looking, not skanky at all.

Yes, cos it's only the skanky ones who carry diseases, isn't it? And you can tell just by looking at a lady if she's got HIV, Hepatitis, or any of the other beasties that are transmitted via sexual contact...

PS: pregnancy can occur through unprotected sex, even if the man hasn't ejaculated.

Offline SirFrank

Get yourself down the GUM clinic ASAP and don't fuck prossies bareback again. If you are serious about punting then ask for advice re girls before you book your next one. There's a lot of shit out but a few pearls. It pays to do your homework before you get wet
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