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Author Topic: ladies with large labia/clitoris  (Read 7708 times)


I have a fetish for big labia/ clitoris. Any suggestions for the east Midlands area.

Well if you would like to go to MK there's Nicole she's got a very long labia/ clitoris.
been seeing her for a few years now.

Fantastic service with a really  posh voice.

No Fr's on auto-censored because she upset the big boss man  (tosser) somehow but lots of great feedback on AW.




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I have a fetish for big labia/ clitoris. Any suggestions for the east Midlands area.

Pity you're not going further up country mate. Strawberry in Kendal has the biggest clit I've ever seen. Lovely big pink lips as well, yum yum.

if we are on about flaps n all.....

then even further north there is Amber at sandys.  when i looked down it was like an eagle circling round my cock.  she had to thread my cock through the folds of her flaps.

not a fat girl either. 

Strawberry has withouy a doubt the largest clit I have ever sucked,
and her lips are tremendou,s. the word is awesome

dont mean to hijack but a recent observation involving skinny young birds with natural, swaying, heavy bangers had me thinkin...

is it the kfc/maccy d's upbringing that thwarts this type of frame?

anyway strawbs is a founder member here, could we please have a little more decorum

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Founder, oh no I only came along some months later purely out of interest.
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hi strawbs,

was only havin wee joke ;)

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