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Author Topic: HORNY.NICOLE - Wood Green  (Read 1847 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2350313 or https://www.adultwork.com/HORNY%2ENICOLE

Quite enjoying my 15min quickies lately. This was was close to positive, with a few niggles.  Still, a fit Polish girl who gives a full service in 15mins for £40.

The pictures are her, but they are shit.  She is actually very pretty facially with blue eyes and dark skin- she told me everyone thinks she's Romanian and I could see why (she is actually Polish).  Great little body and lovely perky breasts. 

Her attitude on my arrival wasn't great.  You can tell she doesn't want to be doing this job, and just arrived from her daytime job in jeans and a nice top that showed off her tits. She openly said she is "paying for the mistake of trusting her ex-bf with money", which the punter doesn't exactly want to hear.  She has a weird way about her, mumbling shit about her past with a regretful tone and no eye contact, while she flies around the room grabbing wipes and closing the curtains etc.

The punt: Can't complain too much.  Good DFK as she sat on top of me and took her clothes off, while grinding into me.  Onto OWO which was very good as well- I said no hands and she took the direction well, taking my dick into her mouth from off my belly using only her mouth.  It was quite deep and wet, at a high tempo too.  With time being short, I asked for a condom. To my surprise, she didnt grab the lube, and just licked her hand to wet herself! I actually found it really erotic. She certainly didnt need lube, she was incredibly wet, and the highlight for me was how creamy her pussy became. I mean I have never seen anything like it, my dick and balls were smothered in white fanny cream. Another highlight was when I put my hand around her throat gently, she put her hand over mine and squeezed tighter!  Then took my hand and sucked my thumb.

You might be reading this and thinking she sounds great, so why the neutral? Well, as much as I enjoyed myself and she seemed to as well, there was no eye contact throughout the whole thing. She shut her eyes at all stages of owo and sex.  Especially during sex, she just closed her eyes and threw her neck back.  It was weird, cos physically the signs were there that she was getting off, but she had shut herself off from the actual moment.  Secondly, she wasnt out-of-the-shower fresh.  She had a slight whiff of BO and her neck tasted sweaty, although pussy was fine despite the ridiculous amount of secretion.  Thirdly, the end of the punt was very badly organised (although that's understandable given it was 15min and I left after a total of 20mins).  She didnt even offer wipes, I had to take them myself, while she mumbled on about her troubles and threw her clothes back on (after nothing more than a quick wipe of her fanny).

So, to sum up, looks great, owo, dfk, good sex all packed into 15mins-  but 0 eye contact, badly organised and hygiene not perfect.  Still...that creamy pussy has me really tempted to try another quickie.  I cant deny that I left satisfied.
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1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Online pumps

This white fanny cream you speak of,  dosen't sound very appealing, maybe theres something wrong down there lol. Nore does her thinking its acceptable to smell abit wiffy, i know alot of her customers probably stink real bad but its not really the point.

She Sounds like a girl who really hates her job with alot of resent, but at least she does it the best she can to get repeat custom and the money rolling in.

Thanks for the report!

Offline blue

I've seen Nicole a few times now and have posted a review here - I agree about the lack of eye contact and the closed-eyes during sex; after reading this review and thinking back, I guess it is her way of 'shutting off' which means she does hate doing this.

Her attitude has always been okay with me, however, completely agree that she shouldn't make comments about her woes to the punter and certainly not in that manner; that's enough to make you want to abort!

Having second thoughts about going back...

Hi. I am thinking of having a booking with this girl but have my doubts as to if the profile is still genuine and as to if its the same girl from the review of her .Can anybody help ?.

Hi. I am thinking of having a booking with this girl but have my doubts as to if the profile is still genuine and as to if its the same girl from the review of her .Can anybody help ?.

From the current pictures, I think it's the same girl that I reviewed. Despite the profile name change, her body looks the same, nice round breasts and ass and same hair colour. Dark complexion and petite looking too. I can't say for certain, however, that it's still her.

I can confirm that whoever she is, the address is still the same, as I text her the other day to arrange a quickie but didn't go through with it in the end.

Why not have a £40 quickie and take a punt? Chances are it's still her.
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