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Author Topic: how women taste when they're on the pill.  (Read 727 times)

Offline rhubarb

I got to thinking about this after reading the post about wg's with bad smelling or tasting pussies. (might link later but I'm using my phone for this).
I remembered that for years the wife didn't really taste of anything in particular, just slightly acidic if anything, but when she came off the pill she suddenly changed. Not only her libido which was a nice bonus too, but she started tasting and smelling much more musky and sweet, and I love how it is now.
We put this down to how the pill affected her and swore she would never go back on to it, but I now wonder if this is why many (most?) wg's I've seen taste quite plain or bland?

Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I wondered if wg operate using other birth control other than the pill, and if they notice any difference themselves or from punters?

Don't know about the pill but I've tasted garlic on my regular and she now avoids it the day before I see her. Wasn't that unpleasant and could still taste her sweet pussy.  :P

Offline CBPaul

Didn't notice any change when Mrs CBP came off the pill. Maybe a bit juicier but no change in flavour as I recall.

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