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Author Topic: Sweet Cande_20  (Read 471 times)

Not too sure about this one!


Asked her about lack of feedback and why she hasn't logged on for a month although she"s shown available and this was the response:
I am new that why I don't have any feedback and I am in the group so I don't have to loge in from my profile,

Now her main pics have vanished and the original MK location has been changed! Was tempted but not anymore. The group looks very Romanian!  :scare:

Offline LL

Her profile has been verified so she would have proven her nationality as Polish by submitting a passport photo.

Offline CBPaul

So they are a group of 5 girls, just friends / cooperative as they put it, with apartments in Slough and MK. Bollocks.

At the end of the day someone is running a knocking shop and trying to window dress it as something else. She probably doesn't need to log onto AW - and doesn't have a phone number on the profile either - could be the profile to lure you in only to find 'she is not working today'. I've seen a  couple of outfits like this, one girl I tried for didn't exist and the other suddenly only offered massage when I turned up.

They don't strike me as Romanian and you'd probably get a shag but the question is who with ?

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