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Author Topic: sexy nikol 21 - Southgate  (Read 1062 times)

Offline dreyas1234

sexy nikol 21


Location: 8/10 (easy to find but on main road)
She works with one other girl in a cleanish but little bit shabby flat situated in Southgate.
Its a main road, but parking was available easily outside at 7.30pm.
The flat is accessed from a side entrance which is nice.

Facilities: 7/10 (lil bit shabby)
didnt use shower, place wasnt dirty but just not very nice. Bed was the type that when you sit on it you hit the base.
Clean Bed with fresh ish  sheets.
Little touches like her washing drying on the rack next to the bed didnt help.

Physical: 8.5/10
Nikol is as her pictures, maybe a little curvier in person but in a slightly plump teeny whore type of way.
Her face is very attractive and she looks 20.
Actually a really cute little romanian, with nice big tits, and a round ass.

This was exactly the girl in the photos no doubt. :thumbsup:

Pricing & Service Details: 9/10 (again i reiterate that this score is based on MY requirements, not the whole of UKP  :cool:)
Quote over the phone said £60 h/h , £100 1/hr
no owo, no FK, 1/2 hour = 1 cum, 1 hour = 2/3 cums

I was happy with no OWO, or kissing, as described previously I'm less keen on it lately.
(again.. for those that missed this in my last revew......"A few moths back this would have put me off her, but my punting requirements are evolving, and this now suits me fine.")

The 1 hour price was higher than i expected as usually its £80, however a friend had recommended Nikol and I heard she was worth it.

The Service: 9/10 (very good girl)
I was keen to have a teeny whore experience, (TWE)
so i asked her to go and shower, brush her teeth and come back in her towel, while i got undressed. She agreed.


When she returned I sat her on the bed.. OW was then provided which was excellent.
Top BJ from this one, almost a cockworship, slow and deep.
Eye contact throughout. Even managed to catch her having a sneaky look at herself doing it in the mirror. That was quite nice to see.

After 5 mins, I laid on the bed she straddled me with the eye contact thing again while she rode.
Lovely tits... did I say that already?

Ok.. so after that Mish, until I finished very happily.
After 10 mins we went again, finished with a slow bj in the mirror again....  :dance:

Conclusion: 8.5/10
nice young teeny slut
place could be nicer
a little bit pricey on the hour but was worth it for me,

had a real good time... then went about my day

props to my friend for the lead
Banning reason: Pimp posing as punter

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