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Author Topic: Partition St, Bristol  (Read 1107 times)

Offline Qwerty

Hi folks

Some while ago I wrote a negative review of Kacie Valentine, who agreed to a meet at a flat in Partition St. Bristol, but when I turned up at the time didn't answer txts or calls to give me the full address - in other words stood me up.

At around the same time, someone else who'd actually seen her also wrote a negative review, part of which said the flat was pretty nasty

More recently I was about to make a booking in Bristol with a different girl, but when she told me the meet was going to be in Partition Street, I bailed, partly because of my own previous experience, but also partly because the previous description of the flat put me off.

Apparently it's an agency place - has anyone else been there who'd care to comment?

Tony Montana

I've seen cassandra4you and alisya4u there as a 2 girl and Cassandra by herself. Seemed ok location and they were great punts but I believe they work somewhere else now. Flat was very tidy and clean
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The flat in Partition St is one of the nicer places I've been to in Bristol. As Lex said; both Cassandra and Aylssa work from there. It's right next to College Green and Park St, so hardly in one of Bristol's worst areas.

I saw Lola.Time and Karolina there, both this year. Always found it discrete and clean, Lola tells me a lot of Bristol girls use it on a rota basis.

Offline Qwerty

Sounds like I missed out then

The previous review was this:

... when I arrived the flat was small, dim and smelt stale or sweaty. I later found the sheets covered in dry cum.

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