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Author Topic: Robyn GEA/GCE  (Read 3340 times)

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Offline Glader

What do you mean by POF - finding escorts there or normal dating?

Look on wee mans review of mia. On the reviews. Scroll down you should find it bud.
My mate had her said major avoid.
Shittest punt ever.  I can't say myself as haven't had the displeasure of seeing her. I would take his opinion over any review on here or anywhere. 
Problem with gea/gce the pictures are pish mate.
A few lass i've seen look good in pics but munters in real life.
won't say who.
Sammi looked awful in her pictures but was/is a stunner.
 I've seen quite a few now from there.
A couple I haven't reviewed because I haven't had the time.
work and personal life is manic.
Will at some point so the lads know who to get good punt who to avoid. 
One tip mate. Be adamant about who you want to see.
I made the mistake once I was passed a hamburger.

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