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Author Topic: Getting started and my first impressions of Adult Work  (Read 767 times)

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Hi guys, I'm Katie and I started escorting this week! I hope it's ok to post this kind of thing on here, if not, then sorry! I'm just a little bit stuck and I need some advice. I started my own website at Posterous (I won't link to it just in case that isn't allowed) and tried to get listed at auto-censored. He told me that he would list blogs. I then opened an adultwork profile but found all I was getting were a million time wasters a day.

I'm genuine, I only want to see one or two guys a day (if that) and I'm only doing this to get some extra money for university.

I just don't know where to advertise!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Offline nextdoorkatie

Oops. I meant to say that the auto-censored bloke told me he would NOT list blogs! He tried to convince me to get some dodgy sounding designer called 69 design to build one for me. Is that a scam? auto-censored not listing sites that aren't built by 69 design?

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