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Author Topic: Heidi Escorts North East  (Read 1310 times)

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Offline ollie52


Had a punt with Heidi recently which was very good

Positives - Heidi for me is gorgeous a petite blonde with nice natural tits and a curvy arse'
               - Great GFE the best I have had from a WG full on snogging thought she was gonna suck my tongue out of my mouth
               - OWO without and reverse OWO with a fresh tight fanny (I was the 1st punt of the day though)
               - Very eager to please said she does everything but Anal - booked an hour appointment after my 1st pop about
               half hour into the punt gave the little guy a 10 minute breather then spent the rest of the time playing with each

Negatives - Attitude from the woman on the phone originally tried book 2 different girls who I was told weren't available
                   when I told her they are showing on the website calender got talked to as if I was idiot. Also wanted to book
                   the night before was told I needed to ring by a certain time the following day to confirm the booking despite me   
                  using them on a couple of occasions before. Needs an NVQ in pimping
                 - Shared flat just as I was on the vinegar stroke hear a knock on the door as another punter comes for his
                 appointment could hear him and the other girl talking which was a bit distracting as I go to great lengths for my
                 privacy and would not feel comfortable meeting anyone.
Overall a really good punt I do however wonder if I am getting value with ENE think I'm just conditioned to 30 minute punts - I struggle to pop twice in the hour but feel a 45 minute punt would just be a waste of 15 minutes.


Offline Toshiba

Sounds fab but 2 in a flat is a big no from me

Looks sexy as fuck

Offline ollie52

She is a stunner 8-9/10 however you would be lucky just to get 2 in the flat. Have read that ENE only have the 1 flat if it is true checking their calender there are 7 girls scheduled to be working at the same time tomorrow  :wackogirl:

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