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Author Topic: anna Darling  (Read 3901 times)

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Offline Outcallguy


I feel sad putting pen to paper to write this review.

Anna and I didn't click at all, and my £150 booking was as vanilla as they come.

Initially Anna had bid on a RB of mine as I'm trying to find new regulars. We didn't meet for ages as our timetables clashed but her messages were polite and well written and she seems like (or is) a really lovely lady.

When we finally met, she seemed extremely shy. Only kissing very lightly. Asking me if I wanted her to take her clothes off.  Very reluctant, and I really thought about just admitting we had nothing before we'd even started!
But £150 is a lot of money, so I pushed things being to scared she wouldn't refund me anything.

She does have a wonderful body, gives a 7/10 BJ and we had sex her on top which was good enough to get me to orgasm.

After that I plucked up the courage to say "Shit we have no chemistry at all!" to which she responded "well I usually get to know someone before jumping into bed with them"
Which kind of suggests she not ever going to be good at escorting?

We did have a chat over a glass of wine after and she's obviously a friendly down to earth girl. But I'm not sure even that chat would have got her out of her shell enough to make a positive experience.

As you can see she's removed her 1 h booking option so I obviously made an impact! But I think anyone booking longer would still want sex quickly to get their moneys worth.

Proof that "porn star" escorts aren't any better than the rest, maybe too jaded to switch roles?

I'm just left feeling a bit sad and depressed about the whole experience.

1 review(s) found for the service provider linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline vt

I wonder if she'd have responded to some cheeky cockney cabbie chat-up lines...looks like she opened up nicely here...  ;)


Love her pale body and meaty pussy!  :)

Offline Outcallguy

That video is part of the reason I booked her!
But alas I lacked the knowledge...

Her profile pics don't do it for me as much as her Taxi clip.  I wouldn't be able to book her anyway as I can't really do outcalls, but yeh it's sad to hear she's so shy.  I tend to need someone with a bit of an outgoing personality to bounce off of, around other shy people things can get a bit awkward, so probably I'd avoid her knowing this.

Offline vt

That video is part of the reason I booked her!
But alas I lacked the knowledge...

Should have asked our Jimmy!  :lol:

How did Anna differ from the vid?? She comes across a bit reluctant and shy on there, but seems to enjoy it when he talks her round and takes charge of the action.

I quite like that kind of demure/passive/submissive girl who quietly enjoys male attention, but doesn't seem to initiate things herself, prefers the man to make the moves, it gets my masculine dander up.

A lot of prossies bring it to you with energy, enthusiasm, filth, they want to get you off as quickly as possible, but sometimes I like that more subtle response, feels more like some early civvie GF encounters.

Offline bestbefore


I was so gutted to read the negative review.

I loved the video, drawn to it by a shagging red jacketed cab driver, I wonder why?? and then tried to track down the girl.

Thanks to the lovely people on ukp she was identified as Anna Darling, and, better still, on AW offering escort services. Had she offered in calls, I would have called her that day, but the outcall only is not a possibility for me.

So to read the negative review was such a disappointment. Ah well, my HL is so long, one less on it is no bad thing….

Online hendrix

Also gutted!...had her on my hot list for ages.

Offline vorian

Also gutted!...had her on my hot list for ages.

Add me to the list, put her on the HL after seeing the video,  what a shame. Oh well on to the next.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Offline Outcallguy

I'm as gutted as you all are.
such a shame

She's having a laugh at that price!

I do have the 'knowledge' but not a lary red jacket... I would've asked him why he he has a towel on his backseat for starters..?

Isabelle Dean, another porn star on AW, has also upped her prices to something ridiculous.  There goes my plans for booking her  :(

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