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Author Topic: FRANCHESCABAMBI  (Read 798 times)

Offline Barbar13

Hellow my fellow Punters,

Been checking out FranchescaBambi. Looks a little stunner. Anyone had the pleasure - or otherwise.

Barbar - if you want a response from fellow punters, in future please add a link so we know who you are talking about or at least state adultwork etc :dash:

My report below when she worked under a slightly different name:


IMHO - Not worth the money

Offline Barbar13

Mr F.B.
Thanks for your response and advice- it's heeded.
Reading through your reports and comments I think I would be foolish to give it a go - especially given my other excellent experiences over the years.

Appreciate the feedback and just wanted to show you the courtesy of a reply.

Mr F.B.

Appreciate the feedback and just wanted to show you the courtesy of a reply.

Appreciated - thank you :)

Offline nicentrim88

When I seen her she was chatty , bubbly and couldn't do enough for me . And I also think she is a total stunner. Dresses up for you and gives amazing bjs , just tell her how u like it, there isnt many girls  willing to suck like her ! As for being worth 150 quid an hour , I don't think paying 150 for any girl is worth it.  But then I suppose its what 150 is worth to you.  I said it about her to someone else the other day, if I had a spare 150 notes I'd be in there like a rat up a drainpipe .  :thumbsup:

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