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Where was she based cheers

Tynemouth mature Pam was based on the North side of Llandudno.

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Where was she based cheers
I think her name gives a bit of a hint, failing that the fact he has tynemouth based written on her advert makes me think she might just be based in Tynemouth. Don't take that as gospel though, I have been wrong before.   :hi:

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I messaged her and she's tried calling me twice. Even after I said I wasn't able to answer. Still no message.

The first time I visited her about 5 years ago, she was based in North Shields, she was in her 60's then.  I was shocked when she opened the door and I saw her face, she was one of my mates sister. I had only seen her once in a bar briefly but her tattoos and facial features confirmed it was her.
I wish I had turned and ran then but I carried on into the flat. it was dated but clean. The massage  lasted 5 minutes  and it was hard to keep hard as she kept saying " you like a good rub , dont you ".    the worst punt I have ever had.  If you ever want to put someone off drink and drugs  send them to see her. I am sure she is the same one in the advert, also I think her husband is in the other room most of the time she is working.

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Tynemouth mature Pam was based on the North side of Llandudno.

Well said "Warwick"........................  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

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