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Author Topic: Monica Exotic Tantric Massage  (Read 1214 times)

Offline nyjon2011


Has anybody been for this exotic tantric massage with Monica as advertised on Vivasteet? She looks stunning and very sweet. If so what would I expect from the massage and how exotic is it.

Is there any extras included e.g. HR and if so how much in total for an hour? and would anyone recommend a visit?

Offline jarrovian

This will almost certainly not be the girl you see. Many girls have used the same photo over the last 6 months, unless Monica keeps changing her name. I think it could be the pimps number and they have a different girl in their apartment every couple of weeks

Offline Gaz Up North

Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Gaz Up North, NE lad)

Offline jarrovian

Haven't seen them but thought about it. Sometimes you get a gut feeling and that's what's holding me back. If you decide to go please report back, my gut feelings arn't always right ha

Offline nyjon2011

Cheers Guys, looks like I will give it a miss. Don`t want to go into the unknown needlessly!!

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