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Author Topic: Grace  (Read 1266 times)

Offline Bengeo13

Unless my eyes deceive me.....................Grace is back! Welcome!

Offline Bengeo13

Of course MB
Grace is physically one of the most attractive girls you could wish to meet. In my experiences (5 or 6 visits) she can blow hot and cold (if you'll forgive the pun). I have put this down to her doing EE length shifts i.e. 10am - 2am (there is no way she is EE) and the waning of her enthusiasm towards the back end of a shift, so I decided to book her early.
Then back end of last year she vanished to re-surface in Leeds as Charlotte charging £90 per 30 minutes
And now she's back - well worth a visit in my opinion, but don't delay, from what I recall she lives a complicated life and may move on again.

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Offline mcb

Back? How long was she gone? Her profile says she’s only 21!

Offline johnr1

this is great news stunning girl one of the best in NE   :lol:
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Offline James999

If she's good and has a good rep why does she have to be pimped?

Surely she'd be better off being indie and keeping all of the cash guys pay as oppose dto splitting it with a pimp  :music:

Offline oldfart

She looks good enough to eat,...... unless its extra... :rolleyes:

Offline Metal Geek

Well as Bengeo said, she's stunning, but a bit hit and miss - I enjoyed my time with her, but it was a bit mechanical, didn't feel like we hit it off.

Back? How long was she gone? Her profile says she’s only 21!

She is around 24 I think. Sure she told me 22 when I first saw her at Diamonds.
I enjoyed my time with her but I am aware that others didn't fare so well :unknown:

I am surprised to see her back at Diamonds though.... when I saw her (named Charlotte), she had nothing positive to say about them?
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