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She has no feedback on AW so some might ask why I would risk going. But I punt where I can near to where I work (Oldbury), on the way home (Burton on Trent). If I could guarantee what time I leave work, then I could possibly plan ahead and see a more reliable girl further afield. But I can't so I have to see what's available at that time nearer to work. And sometimes that means taking a risk - which can pay off or sometimes not.

And this one didn't.

Phone and confirmed I wanted A levels and to film it. All agreed. Got address and arrived to find the road full of nice modern houses. "Alright" I thought "These look nice. They'll be clean inside". Except, like all streets, there's a shitty end and lo and behold her house was the shitty end - old terraced houses, crap everywhere outside, no proper curtains, no doorbell.  Same ole same ole.

I knocked and she let me in, her hidden behind the door - normal practice so nothing to worry about. When I saw her . .. oh she's let herself go (or the photos were hugely flattering). An out of shape lump in a lace one-piece and a piggy face. I should've run but I'm too polite/meek/thick.  Led me through to a lounge where two other lumps were sitting on the sofa, through to the stairs and up into a dimly lit room.

No offer of a toilet or drink.  Just told to undress as she got herself out of her outfit and wiped her pussy with some wet wipes ("I'm not going there with my tongue" I thought). Invited to lie down and she used some wet wipes to clean my cock, all the time not speaking, just monosyllabic responses to whatever polite questions I came up with in an effort to warm things up. 

Then began OWO. Very mechanical, but it got me hard so achieved its purpose. On with the mac and she was about to presented herself in mish, but I had no desire to see that mug, so asked for doggie. Slipped in with no issue and started fucking. It was like fucking a lump. No sounds. To her credit she did take it deep and hard and that started some noise. Then asked for the A and (surprise surprise) no, too big.

After 10 minutes, I was bored and decided I didn't want to waste my spunk on this tart, so stopped. I said I had cum and she accepted my word and removed my condom. Don't know what sort of experience she's had with other blokes, but she either really thought i had cum or just didn't give a fuck.

Anyway I dressed and got out as soon as possible.

So avoid!

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Roland D Hay

I'm hoping you only booked her for 30 minutes?  You've rushed into a couple of disastrous punts lately. Let's hope your luck changes, she sounds fucking horrendous!

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romanian what do you expect :scare:
there is the odd good one out there perseverence required

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