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Offline Davey677

Not wanting to say too much as want to keep myself anonymous as much as possible, however I work as a builder doing insurance work. I’ve just picked up a job today in the Gateshead area on a house where Roms were working from, now the only reason I’m mentioning this is because this house in question was subject to an attack where the windows were put through and petrol bombs thrown in and would hate any harm coming to my punting buddies. There has been mention the house was also used as a drug den too so my guess would be this is the main cause of attack, however thought it wise to give a heads up anyway. Now I know this is an extreme case and most rom girls won’t have these issues going on but imagine a punter had been in at the time of attack! Cheers

Cheers Davey and thanks as you say for the heads up. I avoid Roms but could easily be other girls using the flats in Bensham

Can you narrow the area down at all within Gateshead ?