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Author Topic: Joy 4u Bounds Green  (Read 3634 times)

5 review(s) for JOY 4U (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


Recently went to see Joy 4u, she is on the a406 Telford Rd in Bounds Green. After looking at her profile i thought she looked friendly enough and with good comms i took the plunge. Parking is ok if the lay by out the front is empty or one of the side streets nearby. Was taken upstairs by Joy to a clean newly decorated room with a clean bed.
She was a little bigger than i imagined her to be and if i'm honest bigger than i would have liked,her pictures look the be quite old as she told me she is 27, doesn'look that old in the photos. I would describe her as 'mumsy'. She has a baby belly so clearly has a child and has those soft mumsy boobs. i'd say a size 14/16. Joy though is very very friendly and gives a blinding blowjob and CIM for £60 for half hour.
So not a bad punt,not the figure i was expecting but her friendlyness made up for it, i'm sure some of you guys would have a much better time.

5 review(s) found for JOY 4U linked to in above post (1 positive, 2 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline helmsdale

Thanks for the review, had her on my hot list.  I once worked with an Italian girl who you could just imagine in a mini-skirt on a Vespa but I didn't recognise when she popped back into the office after having a baby, as she had gone completely mumsy in body and face.
Banning reason: Making race postings after being barred from Off-Topic section for racist comments. Used up all chances.

Online NightKid

i'd say a size 14/16.

Versus the size 10 listed on her profile.  :dash:
Christ, methinks I've dodged a bullet ... thanks for sharing.

Offline loner

Also are those sores on her lips?

she doesnt look too bad -maybe a size 12
from wht i can see from the pics.
how tall is she?

she doesnt look too bad -maybe a size 12
from wht i can see from the pics.
how tall is she?

I'd say about 5ft 7 tall and as for the sores on her lips i didn't see any but i think the pics are a few years old.

Hey guys, I went and saw Joy a couple of months ago. This was my first escort meet and I was not looking for sex, just DFK and OWO and CIM.

Her place is on the North Circular so parking would be quite annoying but for the lay by in front of her house which in my experience usually has a few spaces. She does share the flat with another girl (s) but I never saw them. Her pictures looked extremely enticing on her profile, however I would agree with Samsungsid that she definitely was bigger than the photos suggested  :dash: size 14 roughly I'd estimate. She was a lovely girl otherwise and funny, very good company. I stayed for half an hour. She did deliver a fantastic OWO which kept me on edge for ages. Not quite sure how she managed to bring me so close, but keep me on edge for the whole time whilst not stopping. I asked if I could CIM and she said "Of course!". She delivered this expertly, not stopping until I had well and truly been drained, but did not swallow.

Whilst the meeting was enjoyable I probably would not return as I do prefer slimmer girls, even though I wouldn't mind dropping by for a quick bj!   :D

I have met Joy when she was working in East London earlier this year. Agree with most of the comments already said. I doubt she is the girl in the photos as she was a fair bit bigger IRL, a size 14 probably. I did pay the extra tenner for swallow and she did this expertly, but the rest of her service wasn't my cup of tea at all.

No, she's definitely the same girl as her AW photos. She has a bit of a tummy but not too much - and she's great fun and very friendly. One or two of the photos are obviously photoshopped (not very well) but not so much as to give a bad impression. OWO great, and generally a fun, cuddly girl. Decent DFK as well. I'll be back.

Offline smiths

According to the linked in reviews including mine for wasting my time this WG has yet to get a positive review. Piss poor. :thumbsdown:

Offline tintin100

I saw her ages ago. She must be at least size 16/18 and the service was useless. How can she put up those old pictures of herself ?

Offline smiths

I saw her ages ago. She must be at least size 16/18 and the service was useless. How can she put up those old pictures of herself ?

If thats the case she is doing what bad WGs do, relying on punters thinking with their dicks and staying to punt with her anyway. :thumbsdown: And how many do so i wonder.

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